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5 Web Design Blunders That Make the Entire Website Look Dumb

Have you ever watched a film so dumb that it is actually good? Perhaps yes. There is a separate genre of movies that focus on nonsense comedy which does look dumb but serves the purpose of entertaining people. But, web designing does not follow the same. If you commit a mistake that makes the whole...
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How to Prepare Your Site For Google’s Mobile-First Index

Gone are the days when desktop traffic is viewed as the priority. Mobile browsing has long surpassed desktop browsing years ago and Google is on the move to making adjustments in how sites are ranked. Lo and behold, 2018 is the year that Google is making it official by launching a mobile-first index algorithm, ultimately...
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Top 5 Ecommerce Website Design Trends in 2017

We live in a society that’s dominated by the handheld devices we call Smartphones. There is no denying in why a majority of the e-commerce websites are having a mobile-friendly layout. There was a time when e-commerce websites were designed for big screens, but at present, designers are striving to adapt web designs for all...
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A Checklist for your next Website Design

Increasing competition, varied client demands, lower retention time has proved to be an increasing challenge for designers. With every business organization now setting up their online presence, it’s hard to design a site with a unique touch.  There are several factors which one has to keep in mind while designing a website. Let’s look at...
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Top Website Design Mistakes that Make Customers Leave

Top Website Design Mistakes that Make Customers Leave Website design can convert visits into sales or it can make your customers leave your site. Learn how you can make them stay and make action. Are your visitors keep on leaving your website just few seconds before they view the entire webpage? There are many reasons...
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Web Designs for 2014: Are you Ready for Changes?

Web Designs for 2014: Are you Ready for Changes? The success of online business starts with a good web design that fits into your goals. If you believe that your existing web designs still fit the community, let us re-assess your web design. We always look forward to a new year and the trends that...
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Website Design Useful Pointers for Beginners

Website Design for Beginners For those who are still considering creating websites, they may need some pointers on how to develop and design their websites. Generally, you should pay attention to planning and on the website design.   For whatever reasons you are putting up websites, it is good to know some useful pointers in...
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Impact of Website Design on Website Revenue

Impact of Website Design on Website Revenue With the whole world going online, it’s highly recommended that your website makes a difference. It’s a simple psychology that human beings are more appealed to visually well presented facts and information and it takes few seconds to judge such presentations. Besides, it’s important that your website aptly...
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progressive enhancement technique

Five Web Design Techniques They Won’t Teach You In School

[heading_3]ONE: Graphics Should Drive Website Content[/heading_3] Graphics or content, which is most important?  Since the Web is a visual experience, graphics should rank above content. Wrong. Just as the queen is your most powerful piece on a chess board, so too is content your most powerful piece when you launch a website. With ever-changing search...
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So, What Direction is Web Design Going in 2013?

So, What Direction is Web Design Going in 2013? Last year’s style brought in many initial approach that triggered a revolution in web design and development.  We can observe the abundant use of HTML 5 and the implementation of new versions of CSS with advance features.  Websites built on the new HTML version can readjust...
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