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Best Dashboard Design Principles For Designers

Dashboards can make or break a digital product. The purpose of a dashboard is to provide a solution for organizing and presenting data in an efficient manner. Web developers should design a dashboard that can meet its purpose so that it can fulfill its mission of providing relevant data that users can analyze and interpret...
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Web Application Development

How Web Developers Can Stay Resilient Amid The Pandemic

The coronavirus disease (Covid-19) pandemic has wreaked havoc on businesses globally. This has led to massive business shutdowns and a shift towards remote working and more dependence on technology. However, the tech industry has also been hit hard by the pandemic. According to resources, Apple has reportedly suffered a 10% fall in its shares. The...
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Why You Need An Order Management System

Customer expectations have changed greatly mainly due to the popularity of online shopping. Online buyers want a seamless experience starting from the buying journey to the delivery. With this kind of demand, many ecommerce businesses are looking for ways not only to cut cost of their business but also to deliver customer expectations and market...
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UX Designer

What Does A UX Designer Do?

You’ve probably come across the term user experience (UX) designer more and more today.  While UX designers primarily work in the field of product development, the job title is still a mystery to many people mainly because of its newness. So if I say I’m a UX designer it’s not always clear what we do...
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css tips

CSS Tips To Level Up Your Skills

Front end development is focusing more and more on efficiency. Pre-processors like Less and SCSS make the job easier for many programmers but there are many ways to write minimal quick CSS the native way. Luckily we have some tips below to help you eliminate the many duplicate rules and overrides. They will help you...
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Resources For Web Designers & Developers

New tools for web designers and developers are always on the rise. For example, Apple has open-sourced a new data system and Google has released a new tool to measure the speed of your website on mobile. With new tools always available, let’s take a look at some of the most feature-rich resources. VuePress  ...
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Popular Web Tools Designers Use Part2

Recently our blog featured popular web tools designers use to build websites and landing pages. These tools are popular among designers because they offer the best functionality, pricing and support. Let’s continue where we left off in part 1. Hotjar   If you want to know what guests do on your websites, get hooked up...
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Marketing Planning

Popular Web Tools Used By Designers & Developers

Just like many of us, designers and developers rely on tools to make their jobs easier. They like to find programs or software that offers the best support, pricing and functionalities. For example, HotJar is popular for logo design and creation and Landigi is used by non-programmers to create landing pages that convert quickly. Here...
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Comparison of ASP.NET CMS and Its Web Development Cost

Websites can be built using different platforms. Different platforms mean different features and varying costs. In this article, we will help you get your hard-earned money’s worth and help you choose the best platform for your website. While we can’t give you a perfect pricing guide, we will give you an idea of the size...
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Helpful Tips On Hiring An Outsourced Web Designer

Outsourcing has become the norm for small to medium and large enterprises these days, and how could it not be? It is a smart move for companies looking to save or cut costs and still get what they need done, when they need it. Among the most highly outsourced jobs today is web design and...
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What To Consider In Building A Website

Ready to start building the website for your business? Before you dive in headfirst into the world of web design, you may first want to take note of these factors that you should consider in building an effective and functioning site.   Mobile Responsiveness Did you know that mobile web browsing has already overtaken desktop...
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website design trends

Top 5 Ecommerce Website Design Trends in 2017

We live in a society that’s dominated by the handheld devices we call Smartphones. There is no denying in why a majority of the e-commerce websites are having a mobile-friendly layout. There was a time when e-commerce websites were designed for big screens, but at present, designers are striving to adapt web designs for all...
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5 Best-of-Breed WordPress Security Plugins

Website security is one of the most important aspect while building a website. Your website is the heart of your business and hackers can give you shock by stealing valuable information and customer’s data. To avoid such heart-attacks, it is advisable to protect your website from hacking attempts or related malicious activities by opting the...
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Web Development Services That Will Protect You From Hackers

Web Development Services That Will Protect You From Hackers Complete chaos broke out recently when it was revealed that America’s National Security Agency’s website had been hacked, just days after the same fate allegedly befell the Australian census. Cybercrime is a major problem throughout the world and, whether you are a government department, a business...
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digital marketing

Digital Marketing: Making a Difference in Business

Digital Marketing: Making a Difference in Business   Digital marketing is a process of promoting products or services through electronic channels. It improves the forms of traditional marketing where it uses networks and strategies to evaluate marketing campaigns – in real time. Traditional marketing utilises TV, radio, billboards, and other printed materials. In the past,...
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web design trends

Web Design & Development Trends 2013 – A Deeper Delve!

Web Design & Development Trends 2013 – A Deeper Delve! The online space is evolving rapidly and with each passing year there’s something more exciting happening in the web design & development arena. Web professionals are working hard to bring in a fresh touch of creativity, innovation and elegance in web design. As a developer...
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the best iphone apps every web designer and developer should have_icon

The Best iPhone Apps Every Web Designer and Developer Should Have

The Best iPhone Apps Every Web Designer and Developer Should Have The recent rise of Android smartphones is putting pressure on Apple’s iPhone market.  The rich and competitive features of Android phones directly challenge the iPhone’s global market domination.  But despite the close contest, a lot of people still favors iPhone and even considered it...
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10 Awesome Resources For Web Design and Development

10 Awesome Resources For Web Design and Development The web never run short of awesome resources for web design and development. Everywhere you turn it seems you can always find many useful tools you can take advantage of and its a bliss! Web design and development is an arduous task, without all these resources available...
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Top Web Services Testing Tools

Top #web services testing tools Considering that a website is all but mandatory, no matter what the business, enterprise or organization, it is no wonder that web services testing tools have gained even more importance in today’s world. Whether it is a government arm or a not-for-profit group, an educational group or a corporate, a...
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advantages of internet marketing

How to Find the Perfect Web Designer for Your Website Project

How to Find the Perfect Web Designer for Your Website Project It’s true how we shop for cheaper prices when it comes to buying products for our daily consumption. Getting wised up on how to find a cheaper deal with the same product offering is downright practical especially in times of financial crunch. But when...
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