The Cost Of Maintaining An App

After putting in months of hard work, the feeling you get when your app goes live is amazing. However, don’t forget to market the app and spread the word about it. If you want success for your mobile app, make sure to maintain it with an ongoing cost. Failure is a possibility if you don’t...
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Best Reasons for Using Illustrations to Strengthen UI/UX Design

UI/UX design can be improved by including illustrations. In the UI phase, designers take many approaches for interactions that create a better UX and other functions. It also communicates with users in an easy way to understand how to interact with a product. The main aim of UX design is to create functionalities, which also...
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App Development Best Practices Developers Have To Know About 

What if we say you can build the best app without breaking the bank? That’s possible, as following mobile app development best practices doesn’t demand tons of financial investments. All you need is deep planning, invincible dedication, and a list of practices then you’re good to go! To plan for long-term success, mobile app developers...
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How to Choose Between Python and PHP for Web Development

The right programming language is important for development projects. Nowadays the battle is usually between Python and PHP which are two of the most popular programming languages that businesses like to use for their web development projects. Comparing these two is a bit difficult. Many websites are developed in PHP, but there are also several...
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How To Fix Under-Performing PPC Campaigns

Is your PPC campaign not performing as expected? You set up an account, did keyword research and wrote the ads. You’ve already spent money but nothing is happening. Perhaps you hired somebody to run the campaign for you but it’s still not performing. The basic PPC plan is simple: find relevant keywords and pay for...
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Common UX Design Challenges And Their Solutions

UX Design isn’t just an important characteristic of a website, it also plays a big role in consumer purchasing. Studies show that an enhanced customer experienced increases retention by 42% and businesses enjoyed a 33% boost in customer satisfaction and 32% increase in revenue. Web designers are always looking for ways to solve and crack...
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Best ecommerce platforms

Best eCommerce Platforms for Building Online Stores

The online retail industry is booming. Retail e-commerce sales worldwide reached $4.28 trillion in 2020, according to Statista. It is up 27.6% from the previous year. In 2021, e-commerce revenues were $4.9 trillion. What does this mean for online stores? This is the perfect time to start an online business because the e-commerce market is...
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App Categories That Will Thrive In A Post-COVID World

As we can’t predict the consequences of this COVID pandemic, many businesses are getting ready for this new normal period. Companies that are flexible and innovative will grow stronger than others. Some industries, like hospitality and retail, still take time to adapt to the new normal. However, for others like video streamers and work-from-home employees,...
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Website Design Cost in India

Importance of White Space In UI Design

Data sharing, communication, and business are all happening online nowadays and everyone wants to retain their users by providing the best experience possible. Visual and graphic design has become much more important and has evolved into UI design which in turn has become one of the tools developers use in order to increase traffic to...
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