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Marketing Strategies That Are Damaging Your Brand

Marketing methods that used to work well for your brand are no longer effective in today’s market. In fact, they could even be hurting your brand. Many brands compete in the market to maintain their customers. Every product is fighting to become the consumer’s favorite. To keep up with modern marketing standards and compete with...
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Reasons To Monitor Your App After Its Launch

Creating an app can be a very challenging experience. But now that it is up and running, all you need to do is relax and enjoy. Better hold that thought. The app market is competitive. According to, there are 2,470,000 apps on Google Play and 1,798,000 on the Apple App Store as of the...
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The Cost of Mobile Game Development

Mobile games are one of the most popular mediums for communicating a message to a wide audience and, in many cases, have become profitable for many businesses. In order to succeed in your business and develop a mobile game, you need to calculate the approximate cost first. The time it takes to create the game...
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team augmentation

What Is IT Staff Augmentation And How Does It Work 

When a startup reaches a certain level of success, it must decide whether to expand its IT staff or outsource the work to an independent contractor. Both options necessitate additional investment. At the same time, startup owners nowadays require a team of specialists in various fields at their disposal. It is important for owners to...
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Basic NFT Development Guide

There are many online marketplaces for digital collectibles. If you are interested in developing your own marketplace, Blockchain is a technology that we already know and cryptocurrencies have been introduced to change the way people think of commodities. NFTs (Non-Fungible Token) are platforms that use Blockchain as a public ledger. They work together to create...
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ecommerce customer experience

Ways To Improve eCommerce Customer Experience

The future of digital commerce is customer experience. According to Walker Insights, it is the most essential brand differentiator, not price or product, as many believe. Of course, an attractive offer, reasonable price, and similar factors are also important. But ultimately, what separates one company from another lies in the success of the customer experience....
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RAD Tools

3 Foundations of a Successful Design System

Design systems are difficult to change, especially for experienced team members. What if it doesn’t work out? What if it causes new issues? Switching from old school design techniques to a brand-new system can be a big change not only for the product but also for the whole organization. However, adopting a design system helps...
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Why Your Retail App Needs To Stay On-Track Post COVID-19

The coronavirus has changed social norms, from shopping habits to how we communicate with one another. After the pandemic, companies struggled to keep their sales at the same pace. They had to figure out a new business strategy because people aren’t spending money. As a result, businesses have been restrained by lockdown and everything but...
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Why User Feedback and A/B Testing Need Each Other

The tech savvy people of today demand optimization. Optimizing products mean that you have loyal brand advocates. If a digital product is not optimized, there will be unsatisfied customers who will not come back. To optimize usability, allow your users to navigate with ease and be able to go where they want with a few...
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