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First impressions last. This may just sound basic to you, but aesthetics is a powerful element that a business owner must not overlook during the web design process. We live in an era where visual appearances play an incredibly important role in our daily lives. Aesthetic design plays an essential role in captivating and attracting...
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Web design trends come and go. Now that there are only a couple of weeks left in the year, it’s time once again to look to the future and examine what next year will look like in terms of web design trends. Dark Mode 2020 will be the year of dark mode. Web designers in...
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How to End The Dead-Level of WordPress Themes Everyone’s sharing everything these days, and that’s great. There are two ways of sharing: blogs and social media. This article is about blogs, so do you have something to share? Start your own blog and make it a good source of additional or primary income. But let’s...
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Web Design: Know What to Ask When Building a Website As they say (and it’s all so true), failing to plan is planning to fail. So before you hit that “Deal” button or sign your website developer’s contract, stop first and ask yourself “Are you really ready?” One of the common web-design-gone-wrong horror stories is when...
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