Your website is the most powerful digital marketing tool you have, far more than any other channel – print media, email marketing, social media marketing, content marketing, traditional outbound campaigns, and other marketing materials.

Every part of your business’ digital marketing leads back to your website.

No matter where potential customers find your business—on social media or an online article, through a colleague’s recommendation, or simply browsing the Internet—they come to your website to check it out and validate it. Considering that it takes visitors 0.5 seconds to decide whether they like the look of your website (and want to do business with you) or click the back button, a good website presence can make a big difference to your sales and revenue. 

Additionally, 88% of people are less likely to return to a website following a negative experience. A website that meets visitors’ expectations in terms of appearance and function is critical to avoid losing sales. Most of businesses invest in web design to improve their brand and stay ahead of their competitors, so if your website looks and functions like it was created in 1990, it’s time to update it. 

Read on to find out how to improve your website in 2023 and beyond!

What is a website redesign?

Website redesign entails redeveloping your website from scratch – from the code to its appearance, user experience, and functionality. Just like you would renovate your office or store, a website redesign improves the look of your website, adds new features, and ultimately drives better business results.

During the redesign, you have the opportunity to transform the look of your website completely. You can also add new features that provide a better user experience and increase leads. You can also opt for a partial website redesign, where only the backend or frontend is modified (the backend is the code that supports the functionality of your website, and the frontend is the visual interface with which visitors interact). 

With the website redesign, you can achieve the following benefits:

  • Enhanced site performance
  • Increased sales and leads
  • Improved SEO outcomes
  • Keep up with the newest web design best practices and trends
  • Enhanced user experience
  • Improved brand identity
  • Improved site security
  • Better alignment with your company’s current needs and goals

How often should a website be redesigned?

You should assess whether you need to redesign your website every two to five years. This, however, will vary based on how your site looks as well as your industry, audience, and the constant advancements in technology and design.

Also, if your site isn’t performing as expected, consider updating it or giving it a complete overhaul. You can’t just use a calendar to figure out when your website needs a makeover. While a website from 2014 or even 2017 might need an overhaul today, it’s not a hard and fast rule. Dive deep into your analytics to identify traffic, rankings, or performance issues, then decide what to do next.

Why should you redesign your website? 

Before you redesign your website, find out why your present site isn’t working. 

We’ve put together some compelling reasons to help determine why you should consider a website redesign.

  1. You don’t like the site’s appearance

Website design creates the first impression, so it’s no surprise that businesses want to maintain the visual appeal of their website. We are often asked to redesign a website when the visual aesthetic of the website feels outdated or no longer matches the brand of the organization.

  1. You want to create a better user experience

A website that is difficult to navigate, slow to load, or overly complex can leave a bad impression on your visitors and cost you valuable leads. If your website is guilty of these poor UX practices, you should consider a website redesign that focuses on making the user experience more enjoyable.

  1. Your website no longer accurately represents your brand

Your website must convey a strong brand image that truly represents your business and reflects the essence of your brand. A stronger brand image can elevate entrepreneurs and small businesses beyond their more established rivals, leveling the playing field.

  1. Your intended audience has changed

You may be targeting a certain demographic or user group, and by launching a new product or service, you have changed your target group or marketing strategy. Each type of user targeted by your site may have specific needs. Hence, you may need to redesign your website to meet the expectations of  new user groups.

  1. Your competitors have adapted to change

It is not wise to revise your website every time a competitor changes theirs. But it’s time to make improvements if these changes help improve your search engine rankings and ultimately move you higher in the search results. And if you think you can quickly achieve your goals on a competitor’s site instead of your own, it’s time to make a change.

  1. Your site isn’t generating enough leads

Businesses usually start over when their current website needs to generate more leads or sales. This comes from the idea that you can get better results with a completely new website than fixing a broken one. Try to make the required improvements to move customers deeper into the sales funnel.

  1. Your site isn’t mobile-responsive

In today’s multi-screen world, you need to ensure that your website can easily fit the screen sizes of any mobile device. Responsive design makes it easy for visitors to navigate your site across these unique devices, providing a great user experience. If your website is not optimized for mobile devices, you will likely lose valuable leads or customers.

  1. You need a better site security

One of the biggest concerns of our time is cybersecurity, and small businesses and entrepreneurs are just as vulnerable to website hacks and viruses as large corporations. If your website was created a few years ago and hasn’t been updated since then, there is a higher risk of malware and hacking.

Creativ Digital can help with your website redesign 

Your website is the backbone of all your marketing efforts, and a redesigned website sets your business up for continued growth and success. Working with an expert web development & design agency is the most effective approach to ensure your new website meets the specific needs of your business while providing the exceptional user experience that your audience deserves. 

Creativ Digital’s highly experienced team can redesign websites to make them worthy of your effort and vision. Whether it’s bespoke website design, plugins, or digital marketing services, we’ve got you covered.

Call or email us today. We help you get the most out of your website.

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