In today’s world of e-commerce and digital prominence, online shopping and business have never been easier. A wide range of online platforms can be utilised for product and service marketing; all you have to do is find the most suitable one for your business.

When you want to set up your own website, Shopify is here to ease your website development project. This e-commerce platform allows business owners to create a personalised website that will match their company’s branding, voice, and position in the market. As of 2022, there are 121,802 Australian online stores using Shopify to conduct business. 

If you are considering being one of them, here are five web design tips to get more sales on Shopify: 

Choose the right theme

Choose the suitable theme for your brand when you want to make an impression. This is considered your Shopify store’s backbone, as it will be the first thing to be noticed when a user visits your page. Selecting a web design aligned with your brand will keep visitors engaged, increase traffic, and explore more on your store. 

Shopify offers free and paid themes, ranging from $100 to $180. Most of the elements–typography, colour palette, text sizes–packaged with these are customisable.

Include visual elements

What’s a website without visuals? Since it is an online store, customers cannot personally inspect the items they browse. An intelligent web design move is to include photos and videos to showcase your products online. Users can find these visuals helpful in checking what you offer. 

When including photos and videos, ensure only to upload high-quality ones. Display your items in the most fun and creative way, and show all angles for that “in-person” feel for your potential customers. 

Link your other platforms 

Another smart way to further increase your digital presence is to include your social media accounts in your Shopify web design. With this move, it leaves an impression that you want to connect more with your market. Simply do this by adding clickable logos into your layout that will redirect them to your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or TikTok pages. 

Improve load times

A user stays on a website for an average of 15 seconds. Make it count, and do not waste the chance by slow-loading times. In that 15 seconds, you should ensure that your website can showcase what your company offers. 

Improve your brand’s Shopify website by revamping the design or layout: compress image file sizes, avoid third-party themes, or manage widgets linked to your catalog. 

End with a striking CTA

A customer can be interested in a product or exploring your website, and you want to persuade him, even more, to stay longer and eventually place an order. This is where call-to-action plays its part; a simple yet striking finisher will send a sense of urgency or emotion to your visitors, making them click that “Checkout” button. Some may argue this does not do much, but it builds an impact on your website. 

CTAs differ depending on your product or service offerings. But generally, in online stores, CTAs include “Checkout Now”, “Follow for more”, or “Subscribe now!” at the end of a product description or blog post. These simple phrases usually convert visitors to customers due to their persuading tones and voice. 


To summarise, Shopify store owners must pay close attention to the layout of their websites, especially those who are just starting out. Building a store and hoping for the best is not enough. Having a website is only the first step toward success.

There are various strategies for different Shopify stores, depending on your business needs and market demand. It is important to make an informed decision as there are several e-commerce website development platforms and website developers to chooose from. At Creativ Digital, we make sure that our clients choose an effective open-source technology created specifically for e-commerce rather than just any old online shop. We understand how to use all of the Shopify store design best practises, and we can assist you with them.

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