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First impressions last. This may just sound basic to you, but aesthetics is a powerful element that a business owner must not overlook during the web design process.

We live in an era where visual appearances play an incredibly important role in our daily lives. Aesthetic design plays an essential role in captivating and attracting users to stay on your site. Aesthetic design is the right use of branding on your websites such as the colour, graphics, and overall layout. Usually, the web designer is the one who plans on how to create a good aesthetic appeal to your site. Aesthetic design attracts customers especially if you follow the right principles and guidelines in building your website. It is more than just to give an attractive look but it also has an impact on search ranking sites like Google.

Attracts User to the Site

We tend to get attracted to colourful images or something that has a unique blend of colour. Pastel, vibrant or dark shades no matter what brand colour you use as long as it reflects your brand well, may turn out satisfying to the eye. Just try to imagine seeing a rainbow in the sky, because of its attractive colour, we are magnified by its appeal and we tend to look at it for a longer time and admire the beauty of how the rainbow looks. This is just like how a website should be. If you want to attract your users to your site, the visual design should be satisfying, decent yet creative. Select colours that blend together harmoniously. When hiring a web designer, make sure to work with them in selecting the best shade to use for your brand.

Tells A Story

Combining colours, objects and textures tell a story in much the same way as words do. When pictures are combined with a sense of style and a distinctive aesthetic, they can convey a message that is difficult to express verbally. Examine how the aesthetics and style of the photographs express an atmosphere, a sensation, or a tale in your head.

Good photographs are essential for a beautiful website design; they must be appealing and they should properly convey your message. Effective visuals pique our interest, making us want to read the language that goes with them. Images of poor quality, on the other hand, are intrinsically displeasing. So, in order to produce a visually appealing web site, make sure that the photos are appealing.

Limits A High Bounce Rate

High bounce rate is the type of percentage that gives a negative impact. The higher it scores, the more it gives a bad rate for your website. It suggests to the search engine that you have a low-quality site that does not get any interest from the user. If a visitor was suddenly led to your site and saw that your web design is bad with low-quality visuals and complicated navigation, your users will not think twice to leave and close the tab. This is why it is a must for you to have a catchy and pleasant aesthetic as it has the ability to build curiosity and may even lead them to explore your website. In other words, be creative.

Gives a Good Impression to Your Business

The overall quality of your website will create an impact to your business. If you want to carry out your brand and leave a good impression on your potential clients, it is only fitting that you have a decent and presentable website. Consider it as your ticket to win your customer’s trust. If people see that you are putting extra effort to build your brand’s image through your website, they will definitely appreciate the work and the creativity you render to your web site. It feels good and satisfying to navigate a site that has a good quality layout, since having unorganized designs can create a distraction.


Balancing usability and aesthetic is vital for your website since these are just one of the many factors that can either bring down or bring your business into the success you’re aiming. Aesthetic design is essential to keep your site running along with the other well-built websites. Learn and explore many ways how you can improve your website’s responsiveness and aesthetic designs. Contact the Creativ Digital team today.

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