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Cool App Design Trends For 2020

When you take a look at apps today, you will immediately notice that many of them sport vibrant, polished and more immersive designs. But at the same time, many app designers are following a more retro look with pixelated fonts and throw-back color schemes for a more nostalgic look. As take a more bigger and...
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How To Be An Android App Developer

Mobile apps are connecting more and more people around the world. Many of these apps are engaging and innovative and it’s the app developer’s job to enrich and fulfill the needs of modern society. The apps we find on Play Store today has changed the way we conduct business, communicate, and consume entertainment. This is...
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mobile apps

Top Design Considerations You Need To Think About

Did you know that more people are browsing the internet using their phones compared to their desktops? Yes, it’s official. More people are now using their smartphones compared to other devices for their internet needs. This means that app designers in Sydney are updated about the latest design trends when it comes to apps. It...
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Mobile App Trends You Should Know About

According to experts, mobile app downloads experience a year-over-year increase of 11.5%. This means that even after a decade, app development is still in demand. However, enhanced mobility is changing how companies manage their everyday workflow.  In the next couple of years, businesses will need to put an emphasis on mobility to match the pace...
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Top Reasons Why Apps Fail

Nowadays, there is an app for everything. Need a way to navigate traffic? There’s an app for that. How about to down load free e-books for school or self-improvement? There’s an app for that. Need to find a vegan restaurant near you? Yep, there’s an app for that too. As we all know, the app...
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Mistakes To Avoid When Budgeting For Your App Development

Spending money on an app is different from spending money wisely. For small to medium enterprises, every dollar counts so a budget for an app should be considered meticulously. Even if you have a big budget you will soon find yourself deep in coding, development, backend and frontend marketing, promotions, back-ups, etc. careful planning and...
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How to create an app and make money

While the question of software development seems to be a complex, yet understandable process, the question of making money on different sorts of apps stays on quite tricky. What’s more, this aspect will impact tremendously how your mobile app looks and interacts with users. This is why it’s crucial to choose the most appropriate business...
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