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Avoid These Common Software Development Project Pitfalls

Software development can be a challenging task. Seeing it through from start to finish can give even veteran developers a big headache. This is why many software projects fall through. Aside from complicated process and challenges, many software development projects also go over budget. There are many pitfalls to watch out for when you’re developing...
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Native Apps vs. Web Apps: Which is Better?

Mobile App development requires detailed planning and various processes to come together to build a harmonious whole. The process begins with an idea for the app, then continues to the planning stage, app design stage, app development stage, testing stage, and finally, the release of the app to the planned mobile device/s. However, there is...
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Software Development Sydney

Software Development Methodologies Choose Your Weapon.

Software Development Methodologies Choose Your Weapon In the beginning there was a blank screen and a flashing cursor… In the more established branches of engineering the nature of a problem are usually so well defined that the solution eventually writes itself. Ok, this may be a little bit of an over-simplification, but let us remember...
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