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Research found that 46% of small businesses do not have a website. On the contrary, 97% of individuals use the internet to locate a local business. So, if your business doesn’t have a website, those 97/100 people won’t be able to find you and won’t know your identity.  With everyone relying on the internet for...
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Did you know that your web design has an effect on SEO? Yes, seriously. SEO is not just about keywords. They still matter but search engines like Google is smarter than that. Here’s how web design impacts SEO. 1. Which Codes Matter To Google? There are many codes that are important to Google, but it’s...
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Owners of businesses experience a continuous learning curve with the technology in our world today. It is usually not enough to only a business leader, having a good understanding regarding the landscape of social media that is surrounding the ever-growing opportunities – to be able to reach out and attract new clients – are now...
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People, especially site developers, are aware of the value of search engine optimization practices. It is an important tool and practice that drives their websites to the top of the results pages of search engines and generates their all-important leads which result in profitable customers consequently coming to use. However, just like all the things...
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Ready to start building the website for your business? Before you dive in headfirst into the world of web design, you may first want to take note of these factors that you should consider in building an effective and functioning site.   Mobile Responsiveness Did you know that mobile web browsing has already overtaken desktop...
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Things to Consider While Developing Your Website Hosting is an integral part of #website development as everything basically hinges on it. This is where your website and all the pages under it will be located. That said; you need to choose your #web hosting provider very wisely. Decide whether you would like to go for...
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#web design contract – Key Elements You Need to Know As soon as you’ve decided on a particular web designer, an arrangement for contract signing will follow. This is when your good judgment as a client is put to the test. You have to be perceptive enough to spot a good contract from a bad...
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How to Write Your Own #web design brief for #web development Project At the outset of web development, the client (you) will have to pass a certain document to the web designer. This document sketches the details of your #website development project. The purpose of this document is to give your hired web designers an...
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5 Essential Website Features You Can’t Afford to Lose Part of your website production plan is to determine what features you need to include to make your website work for you. In today’s topic we are going to identify the 5 essential website features you can’t afford to lose. Though it may take time to...
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Microsoft .NET Development Sydney Are you seeking a true piece of technology capable of facilitating a quick website application development? Seek no longer, Microsoft .NET Development Sydney builds websites and web solutions in full scale from the ground up utilizing one of the most modern technologies in web development which is Microsoft .NET. Microsoft .NET...
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A Right Ecommerce Web Design Convert Visitors Into Lifelong Customers If you are planning to shift your business on the web so as to sell your products or services online, having any website won’t do. When it comes to make online store, ecommerce is an inevitable platform for the merchants. If your ecommerce website design...
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