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Creativ Digital is providing system Integration services in Sydney.

Back when businesses were less reliant on technology, the systems in silos weren’t a problem. In today’s fast-moving and competitive digital environment, it’s important to build efficiency through cutting time spent on manual processes that hamper your daily operations. The IT ecosystems are becoming complex and difficult to manage as businesses are increasingly adopting advanced technologies to improve their business outcomes.

Communication breakdown between software systems has become a common challenge. While many businesses understand that they are not using their data efficiently and their productivity is on a slowdown, only a few have figured out how to solve this complexity. Our system integration solution is designed to help you streamline your internal processes.

API Integration Company

The Creativ Digital IT specialist team based in Sydney has a superior track record in consolidating your IT infrastructure to develop custom-designed solutions that are valuable in business growth activities. Our team understands the technologies required to databases and data sources to help your business build efficiency and improve productivity which are critical to your competitive edge and overall data security.
At Creativ Digital, we design a customised plan for consolidating your IT infrastructure, thus enhancing its scalability and efficiency. We will build a system to provide your business with the capacity to exchange data seamlessly between systems, so you can maximise your profitability and make better decisions.

Software System Integration Company

Our aim is to connect various software, platforms and units within a single and stable ecosystem. We specialise in planning, scheduling, coordinating, testing, implementing and improving IT systems. Our expertise ranges from simple internal point-to-point connections to very complex many-to-many integrations both internally and with third parties.
With Creativ Digital, you get a dedicated team of professionals that are deeply involved in your systems integration project from the onset. We are one of the few companies in Sydney that has a strong track record in solving business problems by leveraging technology that drives growth and efficiency.

Our Approach

Our experienced team of project managers, technical architects, integration specialists, and developers have successfully integrated large, complex data sets to build simple data sources accessible via a web service or mobile application. Our forward-looking and focused approach aligns business models and increases transparency to support effective management decisions and operational processes. We ensure that the data flows seamlessly between the different parts of your IT environment using the latest industry-leading technologies such as RESTful API, GraphQL APIs, Identity Management (OAuth and SSO Integrations), Zapier, and MuleSoft. By integrating systems, we can improve the data quality and consistency inside your business and increase compatibility across siloed platforms.


When partnering with a client on a systems integration project, we take time to analyse their business functions and current IT infrastructure which serves as a basis in developing a customised solution. Our system integration services are aimed at identifying the project’s business challenges and opportunities. Additionally, we will define whether existing solutions are aligned with your key business goals.


This stage is when we ensure that the solution we will be handing off to our clients meets all of the use cases and project requirements. During this stage, we will collaborate to test the system’s usability, and how the user will interact with the system. We validate the solution, offering you the opportunity to review, fine-tune and tweak in preparation for launch. Third-party systems will be invited so that we can perform integration testing and confirm that the interfaces are ready for delivery

Plan and Design

Based on the requirements and business needs, our team of specialists will plan the implementation alongside your teams while leveraging design patterns successfully used with other clients and applying the appropriate measures. We will design an integration architecture plan which serves as a blueprint to guide us throughout the process. IT system integration is complex and only a thorough technical design is sufficient to ensure a successful outcome.


Once you’re happy with the system and it meets the agreed requirements, we can set the schedule of a convenient launch time, and ensure the process is as streamlined as possible to ensure minimal disruption. For most IT system integration deployments, implementing customised solutions adds time and cost. At Creativ Digital, our well-trained specialists ensure a fast and hassle-free delivery process with unprecedented quality and with little to no downtime. We will work with your operations teams to ensure coordination and ownership of the deployment process.

Training and Support

As your business grows and technology advances, you need to seamlessly adapt to sustainable change through comprehensive training and continuous support to keep up with the market requirements. We take the time to ensure everyone involved can quickly adopt the new infrastructure and provide support for further business scalability. We can also provide ongoing support and upkeep, ensuring all your systems keep delivering the maximum value. If an issue ever arises, we can quickly help you troubleshoot and get your system up and running to maximize uptime and minimize system frustrations.

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