Web Development Practices for Creating User-Friendly Websites


Numerous web development tools have been developed since the internet’s inception in 1983 to streamline complex processes that would otherwise take months to complete and incur significant costs for businesses.

More than five billion people use the internet daily and visit more than 1.5 billion websites, according to internet live statistics. As companies (and website owners) provide users with personalized experiences, improve the usability of their websites, and implement visitor-favored navigation, that number is predicted to rise.

The process of creating websites has changed and is still advancing quickly. It’s crucial for website owners to keep an eye out for emerging trends in the market. If you don’t follow the latest trends, your website’s functionality, user experience, and network may suffer. You run the risk of falling behind your competitors and losing visitors to websites with better network scalability and user experiences.

Making sure your website is regularly updated, current, and trendy is the best way to maintain competitiveness.

Here are best practices you should know about.

Progressing Web Apps (PWAs)

Progressing Web Apps (PWAs) are a great way to boost website loading times and have offline functions in multiple applications. Companies like Starbucks, Uber, Pinterest, and Twitter have already incorporated PWAs to enhance user experience. As more people are using smartphones and tablets for various online activities, it is essential to develop into PWAs as they provide better user experience, higher levels of engagement and conversion rates, as well as lower overall cost of development.

Motion UI

Motion UI is the ideal tool for developers to create fully responsive website designs that look good and give users the information they seek. Motion UI makes it easy to add motion to native apps without needing expert JavaScript knowledge while helping people find what they need with efficiency.

Privacy Center

Privacy Center is a must-have feature for websites in order to ensure customers feel secure while browsing. It is an organized page that compiles privacy policies, notices, terms of service, cookie policy, refund policies, data subject requests and more in one place so customers can find the information they need without searching multiple pages or reading through long paragraphs. This trend has become increasingly popular due to data privacy laws that call for companies to implement these organized Privacy Centers.

Dark Mode

Dark Mode was not widely used until recently but it has become standard practice for web developers these days due to its beneficial impact on users’ eyesight as well as increased battery life on mobile devices. It utilizes a darker background with light-colored text/UI elements which helps reduce strain when using devices in dim lighting and even those with light sensitivity or sight impairments will appreciate this feature.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) emerged when Google and Twitter came together to allow faster loading mobile pages; compared to normal non-AMP pages which may take up 22 seconds to load, AMP pages can be done within two seconds! This optimization method improves bounce rates while fitting into any browser with no need for sitemaps or extra effort from developers.

AI Chatbots

AI chatbots are also becoming a staple in many web development systems as they offer an almost human-like experience by utilizing machine learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) which allows them to understand user intent and respond appropriately. With this technology being more cost-effective than customer support representatives for dealing simple queries/FAQs many businesses have already taken advantage of this AI tool’s potential benefits for their customers’ experience.

Voice Search Optimization

Voice search optimization is another budding trend since the introduction of voice recognition tools such as Alexa or Siri back in 2012; by 2023 8 billion digital voice assistants are estimated to be used worldwide so tweaking websites accordingly is becoming essential for web developers if they want their sites ranking higher than others on any search engine result page (SERP).

 Push Notifications

Lastly push notifications draw user’s attention where companies employ this tool with clickable popups containing announcements or promotional material; it works across any device from laptops all the way down laptops thus improving click rates and conversion rates while providing an improved user experience overall. Major digital giants like Facebook or Google have been using this technology since some time now making use of its full potential benefits.


Web development has been around for a long time, but it keeps evolving and getting better as businesses work to shape how web experiences are delivered in the future. It is essential to stay on top of these trends if you want to provide your users with the best experience possible, improve your website’s search ranking, and achieve new heights.

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