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We all know that first impressions are important. In content for example, the headline should give the readers a good impression for them to click the title and read on. This is why knowing how to write amazing headlines is important. According to the experts good headlines are: Extremely relevant to the contentContain a keywordGenerate...
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Make Design Fit Content
Make Design Fit Content Why should you website design fit with the blog content? Getting started with your own blog or website can be both fun and tiresome, exciting and trying all at the same time. A common mistake that many people make when getting the basics down for a personal or business blog or...
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Typography Mistakes That You Should Stay Away From While Designing a Website Designing a website is no child’s play. It needs proper analysis and detailing of every single component to ensure that the website design is successful and effective in totality. One of the major problems that designers face when designing a website is the...
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