Don’t have programming knowledge but want to learn? Try Google’s Hour Of Code and learn. Students from all over the world can take part in Computer Science Education Week and the Hour of Code conducted by Google. There are a variety of coding challenges through super cool activities so that everybody can learn to code...
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Not many of us noticed but Google recently rolled out a “Broad Spectrum Algorithm Update.” Tweets about the update were first seen around August 1 but weren’t descriptive enough to state what was changed. However, it is clear that Google values end user experience and the latest update seems to be affecting organic and local...
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Link building is considered to be the most important skill of SEO marketing. There are so many different strategies when it comes to digital marketing, and when you can master them well, you can ensure that you have a successful marketing campaign to look forward to. Since the internet and the technologies associated with it...
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google hummingbird
Google Hummingbird Criteria for Content Strategy  As content writers and marketers, you should know Google Hummingbird criteria to avoid being penalized. For each update that Google algorithm makes, it aims at giving its users the most relevant search engine results. These famous Panda, Penguin, and now, Google Hummingbird  may penalize your rankings. Hummingbird at worst,...
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Inside AdWords: New Features for Business Promotion Google announced the new features of AdWords; how much impact will these features have to businesses? We are moving closer to the second half of 2014 and everybody are trying to find ways to improve lifestyles and cope with the advancing technology. This includes movements from businesses. These...
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rich techniques to pump up your google+ engagement icon
19 Rich Techniques to Pump up Your #google+ Engagement Searching for rich techniques to pump up your Google+ engagement? Google+ may not surpass Facebook in terms of popularity contest, but it sure offers an exceptional set of capabilities that are not found in any other social networking sites.  So, without further delay let’s tap the...
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Google EMD
Do You Really Want to Spend Your Days Fearing of #google‘s #algorithm Updates? Last  September Google has rolled out the infamous “EMD update”.  Some have seen the change right away, others have read it on major #seo blogs first; that tweet from Matt Cutts seemed to be the most cited one lately. And just when...
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What Is Latent Semantic Indexing and How Does It Affect Internet Marketing What is Latent Semantic Indexing, how does it work? Latent semantic indexing, LSI for short allows search engines to decide what a page is by about using related keywords for example a page about internet marketing might contain terms like SEO, Facebook, Twitter...
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get rid of flash
Why You Should Get Rid Of #flash Flash was always a bit of a monster for bloggers and web entrepreneurs. The interactive #video platform offered some interesting capabilities, but for standard video playback it was a waste of resources that only bogged down the user experience. From an SEO perspective, Flash has always been a...
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chrome extension
Top Google Chrome Extensions to Aid Blogger Productivity In its early days, Chrome lacked the ability to add extensions. However, nowadays the market is flooded with an assortment of advantageous Google Chrome extensions. However, like beauty, the value of any given application is in the eyes of the beholder. Extensions are treasured according to the...
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mobile marketing
Why Is My Mobile Marketing Campaign Not Working? Many online businessmen and women often ask the same question – yeah, so people are buying things from their phones now.  I get it. But if I already have a search engine optimization program in place, why does it need to change for the mobile efforts of my...
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