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Retaining customers is more difficult than new customer acquisition. But it’s more lucrative, too – with statistics showing that getting a customer to renew will bring more value than acquiring a new customer.

82% of companies agree that retaining customers is cheaper than acquiring new ones. Plus, 65% of revenue comes from existing clients. If the investment in retention rate increases by only 5%, then there’s an increase in profits by 25%-95%.

Which Steps Are You Taking to Improve Your Reflexes?

This article will give you three design tricks that will encourage your customers to come back to your site more and more.

Reconsider Your Website Structure

In order to keep the customer, a website should be made simple and easy to navigate. A difficult navigation system will cause the customer to leave in a matter of minutes.

Their navigation is not user-friendly and takes over 30 seconds to load, when the average acceptable load time should be no more than 1.7 seconds.

Here’s what you need to know about proper website navigation

Here’s what proper website navigation assumes:

  • A website should include eight horizontal categories max.
  • The structure should be symmetrical.
  • The menu should not be overstuffed with too many locations.

Let’s take a look at its competitor AdPost, which has a better website structure.

To make it more user-friendly, Craigslist added categories to the search menu. It also made navigation cleaner by listing categories on the front page instead of listing all the products.

Shift to a Multilingual Site

Shift to a Multilingual Site

In order to be compatible with international visitors, you should not assume they know English. Multiple surveys that have been conducted show that this is a mindset of buyers around the world.

  • 52% of websites are in English, but English reaches only 25% of global users.
  • 56% of visitors are more interested in an accurate translation than the price.
  • 73% of customers say they prefer to shop on sites in their own language.

Having a localized website can attract customers more often and help them better manage their content.

With Preply for example, you can customize your site to closely match their users’ needs. For instance, different links correspond with various languages.

Studying customers’ data will help you determine which languages your audience speaks. This allows you to come up with an efficient localization plan to ensure that your website is understood by the people around the world.

Invest In Personalized Illustrations

Some companies don’t care about design. Brands play an important role in design and it increases customer commitment when the design has strong emphasis on branding.

Among the factors determining success online, your custom illustrations are essential.

On the site, which is personalized for each visitor, there are guided tours of products that can be customized to your needs.

Apart from the tone and style reflecting that of the brand, animation is also used which makes the site feel more engaging. The website is also an excellent example of how to structure a website

But if you want a simpler, less flashy design, then this personal portfolio by Victoire Douy is perfect. It includes animations that show interactivity. For example, you can play with the girl’s hand shadow.

An illustrator will make the website stand out and make customers want to stay longer.


As you can see, website design impacts customer retention. To increase your customer retention, employ the following three best practices:

  • Rethink your website structure; it should make the navigation easier.
  • Consider what it’s like as an international user
  • Invest in custom illustrations to help consumers differentiate your brand from your competitors.

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