User Interface (UI)

UI/UX design can be improved by including illustrations. In the UI phase, designers take many approaches for interactions that create a better UX and other functions. It also communicates with users in an easy way to understand how to interact with a product. The main aim of UX design is to create functionalities, which also...
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UX Design isn’t just an important characteristic of a website, it also plays a big role in consumer purchasing. Studies show that an enhanced customer experienced increases retention by 42% and businesses enjoyed a 33% boost in customer satisfaction and 32% increase in revenue. Web designers are always looking for ways to solve and crack...
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Website Design Cost in India
Data sharing, communication, and business are all happening online nowadays and everyone wants to retain their users by providing the best experience possible. Visual and graphic design has become much more important and has evolved into UI design which in turn has become one of the tools developers use in order to increase traffic to...
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As more and more people use their smartphones for shopping, browsing and communicating, UX and UI designers are looking for ways to make this small space more appealing and user friendly.  However, a lot of focus is on design since first impressions are important. UX and UI are constantly transforming. Trends always come and go....
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UX Designer
UX and UI are not the same; but even some industry experts use the terms interchangeably. During the last decade, UI and UX designers have become popular because many companies are prioritizing UI and UX design to build amazing websites. Let’s take a look at how UX and UI are different and how they help...
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It takes more than just imagery and good structure to make a great website. Although the quality of design is important attention should also be paid to a site’s UX and UI. This is where UX design tools come into play and the demand for UX designers are on the rise. A good understanding of...
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WordPress is a fantastic, easy-to-use CMS. Page builders allow anyone to build smart and professional-looking articles and websites. It helps developers build pages quickly, and assists beginners create sophisticated pages they could not make on their own. With page builder plugins, you don’t need an HTML/CSS guru to make your website look great. Have you...
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The biggest WordPress core update is coming this April 2018. It promises to make significant changes to the old system being used right now by WordPress users. Will the update affect your website? Well, not entirely. But it will change the way you interact with the CMS for the better. The newest editing experience you...
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