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Magento, OpenCart, PrestaShop: Choosing the Right One (Part 2) Which is the right one? Magento, the Champ? OpenCart, the Startups Winner? Prestashop, the Famous? Part 1 of this two-series article deals with the best features and functionalities of three open-source ecommerce solutions. We had Magento, Opencart, and PrestaShop on our table. If you read Part...
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How Useful is Magento to your Business The popularity of online shopping has resulted to the emergence of thousands of online stores nowadays. Because of these, there is a stiff competition among online businesses, particularly in retaining their customers. With these various online stores, the demands and needs of the customers have also increase. They...
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5 Must Have #e-commerce Features You Can Always Count On You can easily search Google and browse for an e-commerce platform of your liking. Though the web doesn’t fall short in supply of e-commerce solutions, not all of them possess the best features. Many would resort to invent their own customized e-commerce solution to take...
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A Right Ecommerce Web Design Convert Visitors Into Lifelong Customers If you are planning to shift your business on the web so as to sell your products or services online, having any website won’t do. When it comes to make online store, ecommerce is an inevitable platform for the merchants. If your ecommerce website design...
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