How To Encourage Users To Download Your App

Think about the apps you were exposed to today. You can probably name quite a few. From the moment we open our eyes in the morning, to the moment we sleep, apps surround us.

There are apps for every part of your day, including communication, work or leisure.

Let’s take a look at the stats.

In 2019, there are 4.1 billion people with an active internet connection.

According to Statista, there have been 205.4 billion app downloads in 2018 and the average American spends 130 hours on their phone apps per month and uses 9 different apps a day.

What Does This Mean for You?

The issue for developers is whether or not there would be an audience. The demand for apps has lowered but you can still develop a successful app if it meets the needs of your target market.

The app market is understandably crowded, but putting in some effort will make your app stand out from other apps.

Here are some ideas to make people download your app.

Promotion and Marketing

If you don’t share your app to a target audience, they likely won’t know about it. App marketing is tough, but it should still be a priority if you want users.

Create an integrated marketing strategy by investing your digital presence and conventional routes to ensure awareness and interest among users.

Rather than only promoting your app’s launch, you need to promote it continually to be sure that you stay in the user’s attention.

Create a Solution, Not an App

Smartphones are essential to the business world, which is why they need to be relevant in terms of the services offered. A lot of companies have made the mistake of creating products rather than solutions, but relevance is what encourages customers to download an app.

Customers do not care about the features of your app. They are only interested in what the features can do for them.

Rather than following the herd, create something new. Your customers should be your top priority, and you should make an app that will solve an underlying issue or satisfy a need. If you do this, social media channels will likely buzz, and people will download your app.

Leverage Your Social Media Platforms

Remember that your app or website might not have any visitors on it. Use social media to promote and market your product which will make sure your product is seen by a lot of people.

If you want people to use your app, you will need to get them there, even if it is not well-known. Most people will not search for it because of its lack of relevancy.

Seen as a powerful marketing tool, social media can act as an effective way of building brand equity and resonance for your product.

Through advanced tools, you can specifically communicate to your target audience through social media channels. If you do, it will be more likely that they will engage with your brand.

You need to communicate what your app is capable of in order to get people downloading it. A good writer will have an impact on your brand, and the more favorable impact they can have the more likely people will download your app.

Use Telemarketing and Email Marketing Tastefully

Just because you have a customer base doesn’t mean you have to focus on aggressively pursuing new customers. You can just focus on the users that are already invested.

You need to make sure that each of your current customers have downloaded the app. If you market your app poorly, many people will not download it and this can really cause problems for business.

A way of increasing app downloads is through direct marketing. Customers are more likely to purchase products when they receive personalized messages rather than spam. Make sure your message isn’t intrusive or annoying, and that it is focused on creating awareness of the app or product and lead to downloading.


Ensure Responsiveness Across Devices

You want to create an app that works on desktop and tablet. But you also need to reach the mobile market in order to succeed, since customers often download apps through their phones.

Mobile app development is booming. Here’s how it has changed the entire tech industry.

The seamless experience and convenience of the app will encourage people to download it. To create a good experience, make sure to design your app for various mobile devices as well as tablets.

Give Customers Incentives

If your app is worth downloading, the only resistance you run into is convincing people to download it in the first place. You won’t find any problem with quality because that would be the rest of the job. Sometimes people need more than just benefits and features to download an app

Incentives can help to encourage downloads of your app.

Many apps use vouchers to get you to install the app. To make sure that the app is seamless, smooth, and high quality, only give incentives for downloading if your application has a premium pricing model.

Write Blogs

You might feel as if your product description doesn’t do enough to explain how great your app is. You need to limit your descriptions, and that can be frustrating.

Write a blog post about your application and its features on your own website. Include screenshots of how the app connects with customers’ lives.

This will help visitors know what they are in for rather than just telling them. Visual content always has a lasting impact.

Which leads to our next point:

Post a Demo Video

Videos provide demonstrations when blog posts lack the level of detail necessary. Today’s generation is hard pressed for time and is better served with video than an extensive blog post.

Make a video to advertise your app. This will encourage people to download and buy your app, because the perceived risk is reduced. It also helps resolve conflicts for premium apps.

Add Call-to-action Buttons on Your Website

Every touchpoint is an opportunity for app downloads. Don’t force customers to search for where to download your app.

And make call-to-actions available on your social media and website pages so that users can directly download your app.

You need to time your marketing campaign’s call-to-action or you’ll lose potential customers. Placing strategic CTA buttons is an excellent way to boost sales.

Offer Trials

If your app requires a subscription fee, it may work. The main reason people don’t download your app is because of the fear of making a bad investment. It doesn’t matter how little money you are asking them to pay, what matters is that your app is paid while others offer solutions for free.

Premium apps can still deliver relevant content, you just need to reduce the risk by adding a trial run or money back guarantee

Use the advice from your app developers in order to continue downloading your app and have everyone stay onboard. This can help keep your customers around for a long time.

PPC Campaigns can Help

You can use pay-per-click (PPC) or display ads to advertise your product online. These ads are best for companies who have products that are digital as well.

Short-term success is guaranteed by paid digital campaigns. In the long-run, content marketing will help you get downloads through videos and blog posts, but for instant results, you can use paid campaigns.

This way, your app is promoted to the right people who are at the right place and time.

Use Word of Mouth

traditional vs internet mktg

One of the best ways to get people to download your app is to get users to talk about it. Encourage users to post comments on their social media platforms and to leave reviews.

When people see the positive reviews of your app, they will be tempted to download it and use it for themselves.

Testimonials and reviews are like word of mouth marketing and are more credible than other forms of traditional marketing.

Bottom Line

Using these twelve tips to boost your app downloads and get significant shares in the rapidly changing app industry.

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