The Air Force and social media

Marketers are already familiar with the Big 3 social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Marketers love them because they provide an easy way of promoting and sharing products and services.

However, new social media platforms are created all the time. While they don’t have the same popularity as the Big 3, a handful of alternatives can give them a run for their money. If you’re an early adopter of fun and new social media platforms, your business can benefit with these alternatives.

Rising Social Media Platforms You Should Try

Here are some rising social media platforms you need watch to take advantage of being an early bird.


TikTok was previously known as and is very popular with young users. According to studies conducted by Sensor Tower, TikTok was the 4th most downloaded app in 2018.

TikTok is all about creating short videos that play on a loop. Users love them because the app makes it easy to add music, filters, effects and more.

The app got a bad rep because some people think that it’s just a lip synching app for kids. However, if your audience is between the ages of 16-24, then it’s a great platform to promote your business especially if it is related to fashion.



This is basically Facebook’s version of TikTok. It was released in 2018 and users can create short videos with fun filters and effect. They can also log in to their Facebook and Instagram accounts to cross-post their videos. A feature allowing to cross post with Instagram is coming soon.

Lasso might not be as popular as TikTok right now but it could rival it’s competitor soon. If your target audience uses TikTok, you should keep an eye out for Lasso.


Vero is an Instagram alternative that boasts no ads, no data mining and no algorithms. This platform allows users to share photos, music, TV shows, books, links and others. An interesting feature allows users to choose who can see their post by choosing from categories such as: close friends, friends, acquaintances or followers.

There are no ads on Vero but brands can still work with influencers on the platform and even add a “buy now” button to their posts.

Because Vero is touted as “no ads” it has being called the authentic social media platform. This is a good choice for companies that want to build more meaningful relationships with their audience. Users can use the platform to share a wide range of content so it’s a good venue to find out what your audience likes.


SteemIt is a blockchain based blogging and social media platform that rewards users with cryptocurrency for creating and curating content. The platform works by rewarding users when they upvote content. They can also be paid when they upvote the content of others. They can then exchange their digital Steem tokens for real money.

Steem is seen as a Reddit alternative where people post about technology topics. However, you an share any type of content on SteemIt and it can cover many different topics. SteemIt today has a small user-base. However, marketers can still use it as an additional channel to share their content and grow their follower base while getting paid at the same time.



Caffeine is similar to Twitch that was created by a team of ex-Apple designers focused on gaming, entertainment and creative arts. The app allows you to create live broadcasts for friends, followers and viewers can interact with you in real-time using comments and emojis.

You should seriously consider using Caffeine because according to Livestream, 80% of users would rather watch videos live from a brand than read a blog. This means live streaming content from apps like Caffeine can generate a lot of attention and interaction. This app is not just for gamers. You can use it to demo a product or service, hold a Q&A session, give a tour of your company and other viewable content.

These 5 rising social media platforms can be a good alternative to the already crowded space that’s being occupied by the Big 3. Jumping early on can give you a competitive advantage.

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