Biggest Mistakes To Avoid Before & During A Mobile App Launch


More than 205 billion apps have been downloaded this year and mobile apps are on track to raise $189 billion by 2020.

Common mistakes before and after the mobile app launch can block their future growth and revenue. These companies invest around 50% of their marketing budget into mobile advertising.

Mistakes Mobile App Developers Make In The Pre-launch Phase

Some common mistakes to avoid when launching your mobile app include before and after launch:

Not Conducting Beta Testing

Errors in a mobile app can cause it to crash. Beta testing helps catch the errors that are difficult to catch in internal testing.

Testing an app that’s almost finished known as beta testing, is done in the final stages of app development.

Issues such as poor design, lag, and security can be caught during beta testing and fixed.

Conducting a beta test will help you avoid any glitches and have everything running smoothly.

Early reviews can affect the number of downloads you receive for your app. Beta testing is important to do during development of your app.

No Pre-Launch Marketing Campaign

If you don’t have a pre-launch marketing campaign and your app doesn’t get the attention of your customers, it will be slow during discovery.

Regardless of the quality, if pre-launch marketing is not done properly, it will be a flop. A robust pre-launch marketing campaign is needed to really reap the benefits that your amazing app offers.

There are a number of different ways you can advertise your app. You can use web ads, radio ads, or billboard ads, or plan promotional events.

It’s possible to market apps through social media. You can highlight the benefits of your app and how it can help people so that you can get attention.

Poor App Store Optimization

You can improve your app’s visibility by optimizing your metadata and keywords in the iOS App Store or Google Play Store.

When you optimize your app, you use keywords in the app description and title as well as in content. This can lead to a higher number of downloads and increased revenue.

That’s why you need to optimize your app store and make sure that it is easily discovered by your potential customers to attract them.

Not Conducting Market Research

In order for an app to be successful, it needs to stand out from the others or offer features that are better than the existing ones.

The results of your market research will give you an idea of what type of differentiator you want to focus on. If you did no market research, it is likely that your app will closely match a competitor’s app or not offer a unique feature.

Before developing an app, market research can be used to find out what is popular and what will sell. This saves both time and money later on.

Use research to find out what people want. Market research helps you come up with new and innovative features to keep your app current.

No Release Date

Setting up an advance release date lets you generate the pre-release buzz with your marketing team. For example, you can promote your app on social media, in news outlets, and articles based on the advance release date.

The countdown to release date can help build excitement among your users. It can also provide a deadline for the app development, so that there is no time lag.

Mistakes to Avoid After Your Mobile App Launch

Here are mistakes to avoid after you launch a mobile app

Not Fixing Bugs After Launch

Once the app is launched, bugs might need to be corrected in order to build trust with customers. If you neglect to fix bugs, your app’s users will become dissatisfied. They might also post negative reviews on Google Play and the App Store, lowering your app’s rating.

Bugs are common with apps crashing, items not working, and slow connection.

No Customer Support

The customers are guaranteed a pleasant experience with great customer support, fast service and easy-to-use features.

Online shopping apps need good customer support in order to create a good experience for their users.

By listening to queries and providing a personalized solution, the app becomes more successful.

Neglecting Customer Reviews

Reviews from your customers can help you to identify and fix the issues quickly. They provide you with valuable suggestions that ensure that you have support from your customers. Paying attention to reviews and responding to them ensures that you are supporting your customers.

It is important to show our customers that we care about their experience by responding to negative reviews.

Reviews are key for your app, so ensuring that it is highly rated is important.

Not Releasing Updates

There is a concern that apps are becoming more and more boring because developers are not giving enough updates. In turn, users may feel neglected by the developer and abandon their app for another one.

Regular updates on an app make it more useful in the long run. They keep the app relevant and user-friendly.

Regular updates will keep your app up to date and more engaging than the competition.

Not Tracking Performance Parameters

The changes happening in the app can be observed by carefully tracking the parameters listed above. This will help you keep up with changes and improve user base as well.

If you understand the functions your app’s users want and focus on them, you can improve the app and make it more attractive to use.

Not Focusing on Security

Security is important in the development of a mobile application. Designing security from the beginning means you may save time, labor and money in the long run by incorporating security into your design process.

In the best cases, the AI-based apps are safe and secure. Developers should follow best practices for app security throughout design and development to ensure that the app does not construct a cyber threat.

An app that can enforce security, can increase customer confidence. Your company can attract more customers by highlighting this feature.

Wrap Up

If a mobile application is engaging, has issues and can be fixed, it will offer a good user experience, and be successful.

The mobile app industry is anticipating a significant growth in the future and it’s up to you to make sure you know the best practices so as to avoid common problems that other developers have encountered.

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