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Why Is My Mobile Marketing Campaign Not Working?

mobilemarketingMany online businessmen and women often ask the same question – yeah, so people are buying things from their phones now.  I get it. But if I already have a search engine optimization program in place, why does it need to change for the mobile efforts of my business?

To me, that is like saying that as long as you stick the needle in the vein, it does not matter what kind of medicine goes in the shoot – it’s just a one size fits all world, and nothing could be further from the truth. Mobile search engine optimization is as different from desktop search engine optimization as a flu shot is from a rabies vaccination.

Though a mobile site SEO package could easily be done by someone who specializes in desktop SEO, there are nuances bewteen the two that simply require a different expertise.

These differences have to do with the medium itself, the actions, behaviors and attitudes of the desktop customer vs the mobile customer, and the ranking algorithms of desktop SEO vs mobile SEO.

The Differences in Medium

Mobile phones are not equipped to handle multiple columns of text, as most mobile phones are much taller than they are wider. Also, the operating systems on mobile phones are not equipped to handle many of the third party apps that make things happen on desktop web sites.

The Attitudes in Customers

The same customer can act in two completely different ways when she or he is on a desktop environment vs a mobile environment. There are now many mobile first modes of search which actually change the way that a customer queries entries, and so the same keywords that are relevant on a desktop environment are not relevant for a mobile website.

QR codes especially are changing how people search for entries. Desktop and mobile publishers would be wise to take note of the changing ways in which people search for the things that they need.

The Way Things Are Ranked

Keeping the differences in query searching and in the attitudes of the customers in mind, the search engines have made sure that mobile rankings are simply done differently from the desktop rankings. Therefore, a desktop SEO strategy will not necessarily work in a mobile environment, and any business that is missing out on that kind of an audience (mobile audiences are much more likely to visit or buy immediately from a store they find through a query), is missing out on major business.

About the author:
Marc McDermott is the Marketing Manager at Merchant Express, a provider of transaction processing services and payment processing technologies with a specialized approach to merchant credit card processing including virtual terminals, merchant bankcard processing and transaction processing services.

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