7 Ways Mobile Apps Can Make Your Business More Efficient

boosting business with mobile apps

The rapid growth of smartphone adoption and usage is a global phenomenon. Mobile technology is undeniably the future, and businesses that overlook this trend will struggle to keep up with the competition in the years ahead. If you want your business to experience fast growth and immediate success, you need to invest in mobile.

Millions of businesses around the world are already using mobile apps to improve their bottom line. Mobile apps are a booming industry, with revenue expected to reach $613 billion by 2025. In the third quarter of 2021 alone, 27.6 billion apps were downloaded from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Developing an app is easier than it sounds, and the benefits of doing so can be immense. 

Let’s explore some of the ways in which modern businesses use app development to overcome various challenges they encounter.

Enhancing customer service

Mobile apps offer numerous avenues for improving customer service. For example, apps can be used to provide customers with 24/7 support, track customer orders, and provide real-time updates on the status of orders. Apps can also be used to collect customer feedback and to provide customers with personalised offers and recommendations.

Improving internal communication

Mobile apps can help businesses improve internal communication by connecting remote workers to the internal network, facilitating document sharing, encouraging data-sharing and note-taking among employees, and even connecting people to business meetings through video chatting. This can help ensure that all employees stay in the loop and that communication is clear and efficient.

Managing online reviews

Mobile apps can help businesses manage online reviews by providing a platform for customers to submit reviews, responding to reviews in a timely manner, and tracking the sentiment of reviews over time. This can help businesses improve their customer service and reputation. They can help potential customers decide whether or not to purchase a product or service.

Launching new products and services to the market

Marketing a new product involves various tasks, such as selecting the right channels and creating effective marketing materials. Mobile applications provide an excellent avenue for promoting your new products and services. They can enhance your services by facilitating polls and surveys as well as engage users through thoughtfully crafted push notifications, ensuring that they stay informed and connected.

Streamlining task and meeting management 

In the hustle and bustle of daily work, it’s easy for employees to overlook important meetings or deadlines. Mobile apps can help employees stay organised and on top of their tasks. For example, apps can be used to create to-do lists, set reminders, and track time spent on projects. This can help employees be more productive and avoid missing important deadlines.

Simplifying data capture and processing

In a paper-based process, data is often entered multiple times which can lead to errors and delays. A mobile app can help you merge multiple tasks into a user-friendly process that uploads data automatically to your server. This can be helpful for businesses that need to track data that changes frequently. For example, a mobile app could be used to track the location of assets or the progress of a project.

Working on the go

Mobile apps can help businesses improve mobility by providing employees with access to important business information and tools from anywhere. When the COVID pandemic hit, most businesses had to shift to remote work. Nowadays, apps are increasingly used to collaborate with colleagues and to stay up-to-date on the latest company news.

Ready to develop a mobile app for your business? 

Mobile app development offers a powerful solution to address challenging workplace issues. Whether you aim to enhance mobility, boost productivity, improve time management, or foster collaboration, a mobile app can effectively support your business goals. 

With Creativ Digital‘s expert app development services, you have access to all the necessary tools to easily and efficiently create a customised company app. Talk to us today to learn more about how we can develop a mobile app for your business.

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