There are many successful app owners who have spent nothing to minimum to promote their app and make it successful. Among them, many made use of press publicity, while some generated a lot of buzz on social media. Spending on app promotion definitely requires a lot of financial effort. But there are many easy ways that need no financial effort to promote the app. Let’s see 20 top ways to promote your app for free:

Create an app video: A short and sweet video is more effective than the page full of content to convey users what your app can do for them.

Create a website: Landing page, i.e., single page website, allows you to be visible for online users. Design it with the app video, some screenshots and most importantly, what benefits users can get from your app.In the same website, you can ask users to provide their email id, which you can use to intimate them when the app is launched.

Do SEO: You may’ve seen app store links coming on Google when you search for any app related keyword. To make your app appear there, create some backlinks for your app’s app store page.

Create a blog: The blog should tell how your app is useful for people. Create interesting stories that draw the attention of targeted users. Attach blog to your website. The same blog articles you can share on social media and optimize to appear on search engines.

Be on media: Promoting your app on media such as news media is somewhat difficult compared to other media, but you can reach a large customer base compared to others.

Be on app review sites: Sites like 148apps, AppStoreApps and AppAdvice can bring you a lot of popularity if they accept you.

Reach app bloggers: Find out the bloggers who write content related to your app. If your app is education app, you can approach blog owners related to education.

Apply for awards: Being awarded for your app is the best way to become popular within a short time. For example, the Kannada language movie named ‘Thithi’ which is based on village story and consists only new faces, from production, technical department to artists, became a huge hit after being awarded at many international film festivals. In fact, it became a trend setter, and some characters in the movie became hugely popular. I definitely tell if the movie was not awarded, there would have been no chance for the movie to become at least an average hit.

So if you want your app to gain a huge popularity, look into awards such as The Mobileys and Kiip Build Fund.

Start a podcast: Publish your podcast on iTunes, your own website or platform like Yappie. Get the attention of people your app serves to most.

Collect emails: Email marketing is still a powerful marketing channel. Wherever whenever possible, collect emails, such as through Facebook, Twitter or your website and use them to get in touch with the customers.

User Vine for grabbing attention: Share user-centric videos you create on the six-second-long looping video service Vine. Post it under the trending hashtag #howto.

Post on Pinterest: Pinterest offers multiple benefits. Use blog images, infographics, happy customers testimonials, and screenshotsof your app to create content on your Pinterest board. You can even organize contests.

Acquire group of customers from personal visit: If your app is related to education, you can personally approach schools to make students use the app. While approaching, perfectly present the benefits your app provide.

Create a Facebook group: Now everything has a Facebook group, why your app shouldn’t have. Add people who relate to your app category and encourage them to share it among their community.

Make use of caller tune: A caller tune that contains your app name or app theme (if any) canhelp you grab the attention of every person who call you. To make this possible, you have to contact your telecom service provider. The availability of facility depends on the country you’re living in.

Mention it in your email signature: When you communicate with business customers via email, person in another end obviously hover over your signature. So, keep a catchy one-liner about your app along with the link to download it.

Do ASO yourself: App Store Optimization is the best and easiest way to acquire app users. Make sure there are less or no negative reviews on your app. Be responsive to your customers queries.

Reach admins of related Facebook pages: Contact admins of Facebook pages that are related to your app. Give preference for pages which have 100k+ likes.Give them a compelling reason to mention your app. Here patients plays a big role.

Integrate social channels within the app: This is a common way to allow users to share your app. Keep all prominent social media channels there.

Blog or social media commenting: Commenting on blog or social media posts with app download link is not a bad idea. But your comment should be relevant to the post.


Free ways are the first preference of all business babies for marketing. Its benefits depend on how you do it effectively. However, you can bring users, but it is not sure they’ll retain. If your app is compelling in nature and good in quality, they will definitely become its loyal users. But to make it possible, you need an expert and experienced mobile app development company who can help you along the way.

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Shiva kumar a well-versed content writer working in FuGenX Technologies Pvt Ltd. I would like to write on technology, startups and latest technological innovations that people like to know and share with others.

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