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What if we say you can build the best app without breaking the bank? That’s possible, as following mobile app development best practices doesn’t demand tons of financial investments. All you need is deep planning, invincible dedication, and a list of practices then you’re good to go!

To plan for long-term success, mobile app developers should understand the software development cycle and mobile marketing strategies.

Here are some best practices:

Mobile App Development Best Practices

These mobile app development best practices will help you get over the initial hump of your vision, and move towards actually developing the app.

Conduct In-Depth Research

Taking research into account is one of the best practices to remember when developing a mobile app. You can read books or just take note of the following things before starting the research stage of your project.

By identifying your customers, you’ll know the channels to use for customer acquisition and how many downloads and active users you’ll get from deployment.

Tailoring your mobile app to a certain group of people is not enough. It is important to anticipate any possible risks, so you can prevent them from occurring.

Draft A Strategic Plan

Once you’ve outlined your future course, break down the plan into small practical tasks.

Determine the value of your app to users: what makes it different and more useful than other apps? For your app to be successful, you need a deep understanding of the value it provides.

There are three common categories of mobile apps: native, cross-platform, and web-based. You need to think about the type of app you want, as well as your available resources.

Some methods have a specific language list. Don’t forget to check if your method is appropriate for the type of app you’re making

Web-based apps present a lower cost of development, with the ability to reach a broader audience. Native app are only great for UX and may be more expensive. Cross-platform apps may offer the best solution if you’re targeting less mobile users but have a high budget.

Select a Platform That Benefits Your Goals

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If you went for an in-house solution, then the next step is deciding between the platforms iOS and Android. You can use various software with different purposes in each of these OS to make certain processes of development easier.

Choosing a platform is not the same as the children’s rhyme “eeny meeny miny moe.” You will need to engage in strategic analysis, going deeper level into the individual behaviors of Android and Apple users that may relate back to your research.

Understand Your Design Component’s Function?

A lot of time can be wasted when the developers and designers don’t work well together.

To start the coding process, you should be able to create a wireframe that both developers and designers can understand. Mood Boards are effective tools for coordinating different design aspects before coming up with an overall look for the app. They also allow you to identify any possible pitfalls in the project early on in the process.

Security is Always Important

Developing an app means that you may have access to user information, like their sensitive data. You need to be sure that it’s being kept secure at all times.

The best practices in developing a mobile app include securing your data. The process includes writing a secure code, encrypting all data, and only using the authorized application programming interface (API) for access to data. These key points will help to secure the mobile app like an oyster.

Build A Strong Core

From the start of the planning phase, ensure you have a robust, essential core. The most important elements are your core features, without which any additional features would be meaningless.

If your website has a lot of content and you want to prevent duplicate material, you can create an inventory of the content so that you know which are the most important features.

You can add plugins to your app at any point in the development process. Develop your own plugin with distinctive features that are specific to its use for a particular app, which will reduce time spent during the mobile app development process.

Conduct Testing

You should regularly test your app in order to catch any problems or errors before the app goes live.

If you don’t have an in-house testing team, or if you’re developing an iOS app, you can use Testflight to test.

These are both free services that allow you to test your app. In Beta Family, users download an app and get feedback from their peers in the same time frame.

Prioritize User Experience

It’s important to understand your user’s perspective in order to deliver the best experience. AI provides a personalized experience for each individual user that utilizes structured data and machine learning to generate custom content with the same quality as that created by a human.

User experience is the driving force behind your app’s creativity and success. If you want a successful app, make your users happy with a smooth user experience.

Get Feedback

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These are the things to do after you have finished coding.

Users need to feel satisfied. If they’re not, they’ll leave. Having a feedback loop set up and listening to users is crucial in mobile app development.

Listening to your users is the best way to identify flaws in design that may arise after development. Try to provide unique ways for users to leave feedback on your app, such as on reviews or social platforms.

Apple’s Guidelines for App Store Optimization

App stores provide guidelines for developers, prompted by the need to provide a safe experience for users. You should follow them.

Research app store guidelines before even creating an app. Some app stores give more weight to design and user experience, while others are concerned primarily with safety. Reviews by these apps stores can lead to an app being rejected in the approval stage of development.

Accessibility Features and Updates

Have accessibility features to meet the needs of a fraction of your target audience. To create an identifiable app in this competitive market, make sure to have people with physical impairments and other disabilities as part of your customer base.

With voice assistance, text-to-speech, closed captions, and keyboard navigation, you can easily make your website more user-friendly.


If you want to be at the forefront of the app development world, don’t let any opportunity slip through your fingers. Pay attention to these mobile app development best practices and always be on the cutting edge of technology.

A great app starts with the user. When thinking about planning for the app, consider what their needs are and what they don’t like.

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