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It can’t be denied that an app’s popularity is affected by its features. If it is useful, many people will download it for use.

It’s important to note that Android has a lot of features which makes it more popular. They have about 85.9% of the market share on mobile phones.

There are 2 billion monthly active devices on Android. However, with the consideration of geographical distribution and position, Android dominates the race in major continents like Asia, big swaths of Europe as well as South America.

Due to the popularity of Android apps, developers need to pay attention to even the minutiae of the products. It’s important to keep up with the competition by incorporating modern features.

Mobile software keeps getting updated, so that companies can add new features. Customizing them is optional but beneficial to the business.

Easy and User-Friendly Interface

To create a user-friendly interface, you should use an app with simple design but with a touch of sophistication. This includes making sure that anyone can operate the app even without any experience handling smartphones.

A user usually forms a good or bad opinion of the app within a couple of minutes after using it. Therefore, simplifying the User Interface design while developing the wireframes is best to make sure that it appeals to your target audience.

An app will be more successful if users can access what they want quickly.

Gesture control has become an essential aspect of the app, including newer functionality. As technology has changed, they have allowed app developers to make graphics as blocks in their apps. This ultimately leads to a better user experience.

Enterprise App Features Implementation

With the rapid technological development of mobile app, organizations are showing an interest in Enterprise mobile app development. It offers a number of advantages for businesses, so it’s likely to grow increasingly popular in the future.

One of the biggest benefits that it offers is streamlining the business process by improving the communication between employees and different teams. Secondly, it focuses on providing a robust security which means that your data is safe.

With the chat-based messages, employees can interact with one another smoothly by navigating through enterprise apps which also have additional features including CRM and ERP integration.

Easy Login or Registration

Registration is the first step in most mobile apps. This can be through their email or through their phone number. Once they are registered, profile options like preferences and what type of content to filter will be available to them.

Create a simple and short registration process for the app, to avoid getting your users irritated. Your form should have name, email id and mobile number fields.

Space for User Feedback

Getting feedback on your mobile application is crucial to figuring out if your brand is doing well or not. Allow and encourage more people to give you feedback through their writing or their ratings.

Developers should get feedback from their potential audience and use it to improve the product. Android developers should make sure they are taking into account user feedback while evaluating the performance of their applications. Providing users with a channel for soliciting feedback is a nice gesture that shows a developer cares about his or her audience.

Social Media Tools Integration

With social media, you can promote your app by posting to platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You can also provide updates on the app and get feedback from customers.

Fast Loading Speed

Applications loading slowly are not popular with users, so to make sure your app is a success, focus on its response time.

Ensure that your app loads within 10 seconds and is highly responsive.

Support for Multiple Languages

If you’re developing an Android app, allot enough time for implementing a feature that supports multiple languages. The decision to include this feature should be based the target audience and location of your app.

The app should support the major languages of international speech, such as English, French, Chinese, Spanish, and others. The language integration also depends on client’s budget.

Light and Compact

The common issue with Android apps is a lack of storage space, which leaves the user unable to store their data. Your role as a developer is to address this problem when developing the Android app.

So, to make your app a better experience for your users, you should find a way to cut down the size of the app so that there is less storage necessary and it takes less time for it to download.

Keep in mind that deleting unused features will save you space on your app. This will reduce the size of the app and make things easier for customers who are downloading it.

Works in Offline Mode Too

Your Android app should be able to work offline as well.

Without a connection, even app navigation should be simple. Give users the opportunity to navigate the app in ways that won’t cost them data.

Cloud Computing and Payment Integration

You can create your Android app without the need for a website, by using a service like Google Apps. Android apps can be enhanced with cloud computing and other services, making them more visible in traffic.

You can also add a payment gateway feature to your app. It lets users pay for the product or service from inside the app rather than from a different tool.

Wrap Up

To keep up with competitors, you should offer high-quality features that are easy to use and user-friendly.

Before launching a product, it’s best to do some market research. Ideally, this might involve developing an MVP of the product and presenting it to potential customers.

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