Do you need to hire React developers for your next project? Finding skilled developers who can meet your product’s development demands can be challenging. There are many factors that you need to consider before hiring app developers. For example, you need to evaluate their skills and technical expertise.

Here are tips on how you can do it easily.

What Is React JS?

React is an open-source JavaScript library that developers use for UI building. React JS is essential in single-page app development. Popular web apps, like Instagram, Facebook and Amazon, rely on React to create more responsive user interfaces.

React is popular due to its ease of use, fast rendering and convenience. React creates user-friendly interfaces with a cross-browser compatible library that automatically updates the browser when old versions of the code are loaded on it.

According to Builtwith, ReactJS is the 6th most demanded JS Library according to the top 10,000 websites on their site. React has widespread rapid adoption, which has made it popular with businesses and developers alike.

React, a web framework which 1st place in the Statista survey on what web browser extension people use, is popular with developers.

Here are some factors to consider when deciding if a React developer should be hired: Requirements: JavaScript skills, GraphQL knowledge, and literate programming with any React framework.

Responsibilities of a React Developer

  • To create a quality decision, consider this list of responsibilities that a ReactJS developer should have.
  • Learn how to create interesting UI components with ReactJS
  • Wireframing and mock design: Building quality UI code.
  • How you can use Turtl to help with code authoring.
  • ReactJS workflows, like Context and Redux APIs, are used to create asynchronous API calls and collect computed data.
  • Nowadays, different technologies enable you to write expressive and modern CSS-preprocessors. You can use LESS and SASS, Stylesheets, and JavaScript features to maintain your codebase.
  • Designing for cross-compatibility: a web developer’s job
  • Undertaking the QA process, including integration testing, end-to-end testing, and unit testing
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What Qualifications do React JS Developers need?

React is a popular development platform. Thus, companies expect more from developers. But the skills you want for your React developer are essential duties, and performance-oriented tasks.

EcmaScript and JavaScript

Developers should have a detailed understanding of EcmaScript in order to build up a succinct React application. Not only should they know JS features and syntax, they must also have experience with DOM manipulation, ES6 syntax, JavaScript scopes, functions, event bubbling, and hoisting.

Technical Expertise

A good developer must have knowledge of advanced HTML, Json, ESLint and Rest APIs to be the best. They need to have a strong understanding of React core concepts like props, JSX, component lifstakes methods, hooks and more. They should also know Jira, Zoho etc.

Testing Tools and Framework

A ReactJS developer must know how to use unit testing frameworks and be familiar with different testing options.

When you’re applying for a lead software engineer position, make sure you have good testing skills. Some types of testing software include WebDriver work, Cypress, CucumberJS, Selenium, Nightwatch JS, and Puppeteer.

You should also know React libraries and frameworks, as well as Ant Design, to be a successful React developer.

Multiple Technologies

Developers should be well-versed in a number of technologies, compatible with ReactJS, including the MERN Stack. They need to know how to use the MERN Stack and the Express-React combo to create full-stack JS applications and handle server load.

Version Control Systems

To host a tricky project, you should hire a React development team that is well-versed in different software versioning systems. By definition, Mercurial and SVN are older than Git. In reality, Git is the most popular system to use when hosting projects on code-sharing platforms.

Furthermore, reducing errors and assessing code will benefit companies that hire developers skilled in working with Version Control Systems.

JS Build Tools

You need developers who are proficient in maximizing React and dealing with various development tools, such as Redux DevTools, Google Chrome, and Visual Studio Code. Yarn, NPM, Webpack, and Redux DevTools are all useful JavaScript tools which a developer should be well-aware of.

Your ReactJS developers should know how to gain more efficiency with the use of these JJ Build tools. They are able to install and handle packages, and control dependencies in an efficient way.

React Basics and Styling Methods

Your ReactJS developers must know about the Create React App and how it functions. They should also be experts in technologies like Babel, JSX, NextJS, etc.

In order to create React web design, you need a skill set in CSS pre-processors (LESS, SASS, SCSS), JS based stylesheet libraries (JSS), and popular CSS frameworks (Bootstrap and MaterialUI).

ReactJS Workflows

Developers who can efficiently use ReactJS technologies are able to manage projects, prioritize the state management, and optimize app performance. These developers should also showcase their previous works in their portfolio.

State management is a must for React developers. They should understand libraries such as Context API, React Native, Axios and React Router to name a few. Their job also requires knowledge of recent innovations in the community like React Hooks.

Sprint Planning

If you are looking to hire React developers, ensure they have strong skills in sprint planning. They should be able to deal with task management tools to effectively track and share the progress of your project.

Flexible Learning Curve

Developers need to be aware of changes in technology updates to stay compliant with the React library.

Apart from these skills, you should seek people with an understanding of failure and how to communicate effectively, as well as being team players.

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How To Hire The Best React Developers

One way to make finding the best React developer possible is by considering factors like experience with your current needs, how well your hiring manager knows the candidate, and how accommodating the individual is.

Assign Basic Goals and Requirements

The most crucial step is deciding on your needs for project development. You will have to decide whether you want a team in-house or out of house, and what your main goal for the project is.

Finalize Developers/Development Teams

Consider the development company’s resume before hiring. Make sure that the company includes developers with skills such as ReactJS and NodeJS.

Ask for Portfolios

It is good idea to check a portfolio before hiring a company, because it will help you identify whether the company has completed projects successfully. Don’t forget to verify their past successful projects are valid.

Discuss Your Project Requirements

You should know the strategies your chosen company executes to meet your project requirements. You can learn this by meeting with them in person or on a call.

Analyze Technical Skills

When looking for ReactJS developers, consider their technical skillset. It will help you evaluate the company’s expertise in React development and whether they can finish your project.

Check Their Time Zone

One way to avoid time zone conflicts is to know where developers are based and schedule meetings at a time that accommodates everyone.

Flexible Engagement Models

A quality organization will have a way of adjusting the engagement model in order to meet your business requirements. Some companies might need a more experiential method while others are more dependent on their coders’ experience.

Do a little research to find out what development tools the company will use for your project. Some companies offer full-stack services, and others provide separate services depending on their skillset.

Review and Compare Offers

When you are searching for the right company to do something, you should compare proposals and offers. Doing so will help you find the right company.

Choose Payment Model

Ultimately, you will have to consider your budget and when to hire ReactJS developers. You can either employ them part-time or full-time. Alternatively, you can hire them hourly, weekly, or monthly and measure the success of your project accordingly.

Wrap Up

React is a powerful software that offers many benefits. Using React, you can build an easy to maintain website and app with quick rendering and high-performance product. Hiring an experienced React development company can help you reach these goals and provide the reliable service you need throughout your project.

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