Increase ROI with Digital Marketing: 3 Channels to Leverage

Every advertiser shares the same goal of delivering maximum returns on their investment. Thus, for this they leverage digital marketing to prioritize their investment in the right medium. Ever-changing technologies and online world has made it easier to advertise your business. Now, while sitting in your office you can advertise your business to a wider audience, with the help of digital marketing.

Various studies have proved that digital marketing boosts ROI, thus it makes sense to leverage this platform to promote your brand and its related services or products. But with so many online marketing channels available, it becomes overwhelming to pick the best one. Whether you are a newbie or an experienced advertiser, it becomes so imperative to get in touch with a digital agency in Melbourne to survive in this tough competition.

Thus, to become the best advertiser, you must maintain a balance between your advertising budget and the costs of using a particular channel. Well, this article will walk you through the three digital marketing channels you should leverage to boost your business ROI.

1. Social Media: There is no doubt that social media is witnessing an explosive growth in the last few years and will continue to grow. So, don’t you think it’s something worth considering? Yeah, right it is and some of you must be using it as an advertising channel.

Also, people across all the age groups and demographics are spending a lot of time on social media. Thus, you have a better chance of interacting with them and advertising your brand and services or products through social media advertising. Well, Australia is not an exception in this scenario. But, do you know that social media needs to be done in the right way to reap its rewards in terms of ROI. So, look out for a creative agency in Melbourne to set up a lucrative and creative advertising campaign.

Tips to Boost Social Media Ads ROI:

Optimize your advertising campaigns focusing on target audiences
Avoid repeat messaging
Make sure your ads are mobile friendly

2. Google AdWords: PPC market share is not an exception and many businesses have driven traffic to their site and increased sales by leveraging this lucrative marketing channel.
But, still some business owners’ stay away from Google AdWords, due to the high spend of marketing budget. If you are one of them, stop making this big mistake and get in touch with an advertising agency in Melbourne, as AdWords is something worth your investment.

It delivers measurable and faster results than SEO, along with giving you an option to set your campaign budget. Also, your ads are viewed by your target audience, and you can even identify when your ad leads to an offline sale. Isn’t that a huge advantage!

Also, various tools help you to optimize your Google AdWords campaign or a marketing head can assist you in that.

3. Email: Some of you must be thinking why Email Marketing has been added to this list. Well, emails as an advertising channel are still not outdated and if you think like that, then it’s time to think again. Not only this, it accounts for the lowest cost per lead, thus making it a channel you should leverage.

The biggest mistake entrepreneurs are doing is looking at emails in isolation. Well, it’s a means to promote brand engagement, while strengthening the brand at multiple levels. But, it’s not just for advertising. A branding agency in Melbourne could be of great help if you want to use this channel for branding.

Tips to Boost your Email Value:

Relevant messaging with a call to action
The time frame within which they should act
Targeted and personalized messaging using consumer intelligence
Thus, leverage this channel in the right away to get the desired returns. But, never ignore it at any cost.

Hence, these are the three creative and rewarding digital marketing channels that help to drive your marketing efforts in the right away. Well, getting the help of a reliable partner like Loud & Clear, a leading digital agency in Melbourne is all what you need.

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