There are a lot of digital marketing strategies available today and there are even more suggestions available. But how many of them are actually effective?

To compete in the overly competitive digital landscape today, you need to be armed with the right strategies. You’ve probably heard about some of these and they have become the standard today and the coming decade.

Here are some effective digital marketing strategies.


SEO is and always will be a very effective digital marketing strategy. If you really want to succeed, it’s best to have a professional manage your SEO especially because Google’s algorithms are confusing.  While you learn SEO basics, it’s always helpful to have professionals back you up to realize fully help you realize SEO strategies.


Search engine marketing (SEM) is a form of internet marketing where you increase your SERPs through paid marketing methods.

This is also a confusing strategy but a professional can help you learn the ropes especially when it comes to Google AdWords. In the case of AdWords, you want to educate yourself on how that works.

Google AdWords is fascinating because it uses customization. They let you choose what to display for search ads, YouTube ads, text based ads or in-mobile app ads. They also have local ads capability and superior metrics so that you can track your ads performance.

Search Engine Marketing

Local Search Marketing

Get started on local search marketing by utilizing some of Google’s gifts like Google My Business. They will let you have your listing turn up when somebody does a Google search based on keywords. It also includes your business appearing on Google Maps. Google makes it easy to update your business so nothing is out of date.

Local search marketing is getting a lot of attention lately and it will remain a strong digital marketing strategy as many local businesses find the value of being found by local customers.

Content Marketing

Content marketing plays a big part in attracting a large audience that’s why it needs to be relevant, consistent and valuable. In today’s internet you need to focus on solving pain points and stay relevant by researching popular topics. Always keep in mind that content is king and using black hat strategies won’t work thanks to Google’s all-seeing eye.

Also consider mobile content because studies show that approximately 50% of people access the internet through a mobile device. This is going to impact your advertising and how influencers promote your brand.

Responsive Web Design

Speaking of mobile, it’s more or less the standard now. Making your website conform to mobiles screens is one of the most important aspects of digital marketing. With responsive programming you can make your website conform to any mobile device and include all formats including tablets and smart watches.

Google gives precedence to websites that are mobile friendly so this step is very necessary.

Responsive Web Design

Social Media Marketing

Everybody has at least 1 social media account they’re active on. According to Forbes, to capture audiences’ attention you need to post about content that they’re reading. You will also want to curate content to prove your clout. Don’t be afraid to do this because it adds lustre to your authority and brand.  

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a digital marketing tool that hires influencers to promote your brand. An influencer on social media does not have to be a celebrity. It can be someone with a lot of followers and has a good track record of promoting products.  

Identify influencers first before reaching out to them and ask them to promote your brand. Some of them will do it in exchange for products but most will demand a fee.

Keeping these digital marketing strategies in mind can help you gain more customers and boost sales. You can expect these strategies to be effective today and the future.

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