Tips For Boosting App Ranking in Google Play Store

One of the biggest challengers for developers is to optimize their app ranking in the app store. This task is even trickier if you are an Android app developer since the number of apps on the Google Play Store is already over 3.5 million.

If you want to keep your app at the top, you need a strategy to deal with competitors. However, if your users are not engaged with your app, they can churn in no time. This will have a negative effect on your app’s ranking.

If you want to improve your mobile app in the Google Play Store, don’t fall prey to these common pitfalls.

How Does Google Play Store Rank Apps?

You can rank your app for specific keywords in Google Play Store. They use different algorithms that depend on the determining factors, such as the number of installs and ratings.

There are many different ways to measure the effectiveness of an app. The most important metrics may include the number of downloads, download time and rating on a scale of one to five stars. It’s also essential to keep track of when the app was uninstalled after it was downloaded and whether or not it’s connected with social media links.

The Role of App Store Optimization (ASO)

Application Store Optimization is important to determine the success of your app. Over 50% of Android apps are discovered through searches on the App Store.

By optimizing your app store, you can increase your conversion rate by attracting a large set of targeted audiences. The process for ASO is the same as it would be if someone was searching for a keyword. This is because keywords hold the key to success.

Keywords should be relevant, difficult to rank for and have high traffic.

Tips For Boosting App Ranking in Google Play Store

Here are a few tips that can help you boost your app ranking in the Google Play Store:

Choosing an App Title or Name That Fits Best

Choosing a perfect name or title for your app becomes crucial, as people will be searching online, thus improving the chances of your app being found.

You need to choose a great name for your app and must also create a concise description before the user downloads it that also tells them what your app is all about.

Use the keyword in your app’s title to attract more users, but don’t go for a name that is similar to those of popular apps.

Pay Attention to App Rating Review and UX

Reviews for an app are important. With reviews, about 92% of customers read and use reviews before downloading an app. Reviews are more important today than in 2014.

Android developers strive to build apps with 5-star ratings from users. However, only few are fortunate. Successful apps are ones that offer the best product and service with unmatched user experience.

5 stars

Add Description to the App

When adding descriptions to the app, be sure to be short and precise. Make the description relevant while making users aware of what your app can do.

Take note that Google uses your description and keyword bar to take vital keywords.

As much as you can have a perfect description of your blog post, it is limited by the space Google provides (4000 characters). Make sure to give context without keyword stuffing. You can use the same phrase up to three times.

Make sure to include a good description of your post into the meta field, so that search engines can find it in their databases. Try to make it interesting and compelling enough for the readers.

Give Importance to Screenshots, Graphics and Videos

One way to make it easier to find your app on the Google Play Store is by providing high-quality screenshots. This will entice users to download your app. It will be more likely for users to download an app that has a good rating, so you should make sure your screenshots are HD, and include every size of the phone screen.

You can also explore the app by viewing a trailer, or even see what it would be like to use the app.

Graphics can help with ranking when they are done properly. The app icon is also important, and should be designed to quickly attract the attention of the user.

To create a higher ranking for your app, you have to find the right target audience. You need to figure out which age group would use the app the most, and design strategies based on that information.

Focus on App Promotion

App promotion is the best way to make your app more visible on the Google Play Store. To promote your app, you can use different methods. The most popular are adding videos to your app and sending notifications.

One of the bests ways to promote an app is through social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter. You can use a teaser sentence to gain the interest of potential users and then add a pitch for more information about your app.

Social media influencers

Try Other Strategies

Aside from the above-mentioned tips, app developers can also use other strategies to improve app ranking on Google Play Store like:

  • Paying attention to app’s responsiveness. Meaning, the app should run seamlessly across all devices like tablets, smartphones and PCs.
  • Consider the size of the app. Make sure that what you are building won’t take up too much of the user’s device memory.
  • If your app has internal links, it can help improve ranking.

Bottom Line

Competition in the app industry is becoming steeper every day. Making your app rank high is a daunting task for developers due to this competition.

However, considering these tips can help you rank higher on Google Play Store.

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