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People are spending more time on the Internet. Even before the global pandemic hit us, there was already an evident rise in the number of Internet and social media users. An article proves this by revealing that back in 2018, 4 billion users were already online. And now that we have experienced a global lockdown, statistics revealed that users grew to 4.9 billion users in 2021. 

With these increasing numbers, along with the evolving trends on the Internet and technology, the business world saw this as an opportunity to boost sales and increase prominence. It paved the way for brands and their marketing teams to shift digitally and adapt to these changes. New marketing strategies targeted for digital and online media have since then been formulated to cater to the growing potential customers.

How to Create a Digital Marketing Strategy

Grab the chance to improve your brand by maximizing this trend. Here are five tips on how you can create a great digital marketing strategy: 

Identify your target market

One factor of a successful digital marketing strategy is knowing who to target. The Internet is a broad space, and all age groups, lifestyles, and communities are present. Studying, analysing, and knowing the recipient of your strategy will allow your campaign to be received positively and can effectively increase sales, awareness, and reach. 

When targeting a specific market for your brand, it is better to research their interests, personas, income, etc., for alignment with your strategies. In that way, the marketing methods and mobile website design layout that you will formulate will resonate with them.

Know your competitors

Your company is not the only one available in the industry. Several businesses are also running on the same track as you are, and it is your job to stand out among them. One way of doing so is conducting a competitor analysis to understand your similarities, differences, and edge against them. You may have the same products or offer the same services, but customers will always know the distinction. It is pivotal in an effective marketing strategy because it allows your company to reflect on what it can contribute to your market uniquely. 

Determine your platforms 

The evolving trend of digital media entails the constant emergence of different platforms. While this means victory in sales and revenue, it can also mean unfit marketing strategies that would result in wasted opportunities, money, and effort. The platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Tiktok, have different segmentations and metrics, so it is better to focus on one platform at a time to successfully penetrate the market and closely monitor if your applied strategy works with the target platform and audience.

Stick with your branding 

An excellent way to distinguish your brand is consistent branding. It will serve as your identity and overall aura to the consumers, which will help you be remembered and rightfully positioned in the market. Additionally, it is also beneficial for your marketing strategies as it will always be aligned with the campaign’s content, publication materials, and even mobile website designs. A consistent layout of your brand persona will help you decipher what target market you are leaning towards. 

Establish your goals

What is a digital campaign strategy without a goal? Setting one is a great determinant if your campaign has achieved its cause–its “why”. In that way, you will be able to set your projections and find out whether it is working or not. Results shown in your formulated strategy will allow you to review and analyse what was excelling, lacking, and needs improvement for future utilisation. 

However, keep it realistic all the time. The goals you have set should be aligned with your budget, platform, and nature to deem it reviewable or not. 


Creating a digital marketing strategy is a daunting task. However, it is an essential component of digital success since without one, you would be unable to track your marketing results or determine where and how to enhance your efforts. Consider how to implement your next digital marketing strategy before developing it. The decision mostly depends on your campaign’s objective: whether your business wants to raise awareness, provide consumers with thorough information about its products, directly persuade them to buy, or simply engage them. This will enable you to track your progress and achieve success. If you need help in putting together a marketing strategy on your own and want to engage an expert team, contact Creativ Digital to get started.

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