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Marketing methods that used to work well for your brand are no longer effective in today’s market. In fact, they could even be hurting your brand.

Many brands compete in the market to maintain their customers. Every product is fighting to become the consumer’s favorite.

To keep up with modern marketing standards and compete with other brands, expert companies are constantly updating their strategies. If you’re still using outdated marketing techniques, your business can end up suffering.

We’re here to give you some great tips on marketing apps. If you are not using your brand, I will tell you how you are hurting it and how to save yourself.

Marketing Mistakes That Are Hurting Your Brand

Let’s talk about marketing mistakes that could be hurting your brand’s reputation.

Not Building Relationships with Customers

It’s a traditional marketing strategy to provide your potential customers with information about your product, but it’s much more engaging if you create a 2- way dialogue.

A successful marketing strategy should not be focused on ‘me, me and me.’ Brands should focus on the customer, rather than themselves.

Ads make people frustrated, this is evidenced by the fact that 26% of internet users use ad block to avoid them.

The “me only” method might have been successful in the 1950’s but it won’t work in today’s world.

Providing articles to customers can help create a two-way conversation. Rather than bombard your customers with information, try providing them articles that will help solve their problem.

If you have created a fitness app, you can talk about the value it provides to the user. If you have created a gaming app, you can highlight the unique features that make your app different from other games.

You should build rapport with your customers by reaching out to them on social media. You can do this by commenting and interacting with their posts, and open the lines of communication by sending them emails that include heartfelt messages.

Questions and interactive elements can be added in place of the superfluous writing that often negatively affects customer experience.

Failing to Regularly Update Social Media and Website Information

You’re looking for an app that sells branded sneakers. After a few minutes, you come across a website that sells the latest Air Jordan’s.

The business’s Facebook page didn’t have any reviews or recent posts. It also looks like the account hasn’t been active for 2 months. Images of the product you were looking to buy were not found.

What would you do? Most consumers would probably abandon the page as well as the app as soon as they see outdated posts.

If you use social media to attract visitors, then it’s important that your social media is often updated and frequently engaging.

Today, most people go to social media or reviews to confirm the validity of your product. If your competitor’s products are good and there are other options available, you need to show some signs of activity on your website.

Not Re-Marketing To Past Users


With mobile app companies, it is common that 80% of your business comes from 20% of your customers. They forget to focus on the importance of their audience by increasing the value of their current users.

A study showed that only about 25% of users who install your app will stay active after one week. But marketers are wrong to think that one week is enough for your app. Some marketers follow the logic that, once users have had their app experience, they are no longer valuable to your app.

If you cannot re-engage with your customers, then you’re losing 70% of your revenue every week. This is especially true if these lost customers have converted to paying customers. Converting users on a mobile app may have a greater chance of sticking around and staying engaged with the company.

To gain your user’s attention and re-engage them, you can use personalized notifications such as interactive ads or discounts.

Not Giving Importance to Reviews

The only way to ensure the quality of your app is to monitor it and make sure customers are satisfied with it. If customers who download the app are not happy with it, they will not give a high rating on ratings sites.

Ratings and reviews matter to encourage more app downloads. The higher the ratings, the better your chances of receiving more downloads and a larger audience.

Publishing Random Content

Content marketing is frustratingly ineffective. Posting lengthy content that doesn’t meet the expectations of today’s consumers is an outdated, inefficient strategy

Marketers are looking for content that is interactive, relevant and compelling. This year the emphasis is on creating more video content because users prefer to view videos rather than other media.

So, if you want to improve your app marketing strategy focus on pushing out engaging content. This type of content resonates well with your target audience.

Tips For Improving App Marketing Strategy

Progressive Web Apps Can Do Wonders for Your Business

Progressive Web Apps are websites that function like mobile apps.

Progressive web applications (PWA) provide a more seamless user experience. It can also help improve customer engagement

The truth is that your app may get neglected in smartphones of users because it takes up too much memory. With PWA, you can just type in the required URL on the app browser and they will be directed to a website that looks, feels and functions like the native app.

So, even without an app, we can keep people updated on store happenings, location changes, year-end pricing, and more. With a PWA away from app downloads or installation.

Improve UX With Fresh Content and Updates

Letting your app become outdated forces users to abandon it.

If you want your customers to continue using your app, you need to provide fresh and relevant content.

Other than that, updating your app is important. If you compare Facebook’s 5-year-old version to its modern incarnation, you’ll see some big differences. This happens because Facebook is constantly updated to keep up with the latest technologies.

Conclusion: If you provide quality content, people will continue to visit your site.

Utilize Social Media for Productive App Marketing


Use social media to advertise your app. The reason why is because people are really active on social media these days. Almost everyone that you know has a Facebook account, and if they don’t have one of those, then they’ll be on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and even TikTok.

Having several platforms to connect with people all over the world allows you to use the platform for marketing purposes.

Here are some ways you can use social media for mobile app marketing:

  • Upload interactive video content about your app. This is very useful if you’re more focused on developing gaming and entertainment apps.
  • Use paid ads to reach a specific audience
  • Partner with influencers to promote your apps
  • Encourage reviews and ratings
  • Understand how to use different social media platforms to engage users.

Build Customer Relationships to Encourage Them to Come Back

Here are some ways you can improve your relationship with customers.

  • Personalized communication includes making sure that your users can easily make a transaction, ask questions and receive feedback or suggestions quickly. One way to keep your users engaged is by having one-on-one communications with them. This helps keep them feeling valued; as a result, they will continue to use your app on a regular basis.
  • Consumers are eager to connect with companies and share their opinions, especially if they have positive feedback. Make it easy for them to give feedback so you can always improve your business. This leads to a healthier app for your customers and for yourselves.
  • Conducting customer research will help you figure out which features are most useful to your audience and their demographics. You can do this by observing how your mobile customers interact with the app. With your customer’s feedback, you can work to improve your app and meet their needs. They will continue to use the app as long as they are engaged with it.

Encourage Ratings and Reviews

Reviews and ratings can help improve your rankings on the app store and Google Play Store, leading to increased revenue.

Here are some ways to get reviews and ratings for your mobile app:

  • When your app is launched, hold seminars in small communities and let people test it out. Ask them to rate and review your app.
  • Use a plugin like Appirater which can encourage users to review your app.
  • Use social media to encourage followers to review your app.

Final Thoughts

Companies are currently adopting new leading edge marketing strategies, such as placing ads on social media platforms and partnering with influencers.  This means that ad practices used in the last decade are outdated. 2022 is really the year you need to let go of old marketing habits and adapt new strategies that can boost productivity and efficiency.  

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