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eCommerce is continuously taking over the world. In an article by Red Search, there were 19.45 million Australian eCommerce users in 2020. This only proves that this new and innovative way of shopping is now the standard due to its convenience, cheaper selections, and huge discounts. Businesses of different industries have already entered the digital scene to make use of the endless opportunities that eCommerce presents. 

However, unlike giant corporations, start-up companies do not have the luxury of investing too much in advertisements and promotional gigs to market their products in one go. The tight budget is mainly the reason for it, but luckily, there are still ways to promote affordably.

Digital Marketing Strategies for a Low Budget

Here are five effective yet cheap digital marketing strategies you can invest in if you have a low budget:

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is all about making your business’ website appear higher in search engine page rankings. It can be done through various keyword inclusions, hashtag research, and indexing. Basically, the higher your rank is, the higher your chance of converting these visitors into customers. 

Nowadays, this form of business blogging is one of the most utilised digital marketing strategies to increase online visibility and traffic. Since it is relatively cheap to conduct, business owners turn to content writing and blog posts to optimise their sites while simultaneously educating users on various topics. 

Google Business Profile

Did you notice when you searched for a brand, product, or service, the top results showed the one nearest to your area? This is what Google Business Profile does—it customises the establishments you look for according to your current location and appears on Google Maps. 

Utilising this feature on the most used search engine in the world for digital marketing can do wonders for your small business. It is free and effective. By simply creating your Google Business Profile, your establishment can be easily searched and known to digital users. Furthermore, this method is also an example of local SEO, where you increase your company’s online visibility in your locale.

Social Media Marketing

Social media has become a part of our daily lives, and at some point, we are all signed up for a platform to fulfill our personal and work-related commitments. With the prominence of social media right now, it instantly becomes a great marketing strategy to maximise when you are on a budget. 

In this type of digital marketing, you do not need to worry about gaining an audience because these platforms already have regular users. The real work lies in determining which audience you should target and what digital platform (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Tiktok) is the best for your target audience. 

Furthermore, another rising strategy under this is influencer collaboration. With their popularity, influencers are seen as trustworthy recommenders of products by their followers because they have a specific niche that will inspire their content. In their audience’s eyes, they are real and unbiased.

Video Marketing

Videos have become an essential tool for creating content on the Internet. Since the start of digital marketing, videos have been made to promote brands, tell stories, or provide testimonies about products that would resonate with the viewers. It is a low-cost marketing tool with a high return of results. When you incorporate emotional storytelling or a straightforward description into your video promotions, as long as it is appealing, high conversions await your small business. 

Email Marketing

Email is one of the first methods of communicating via the Internet. It may seem primitive, but it still penetrates the digital world effectively. With the high number of professionals checking their emails daily, this strategy is the key in delivering cost-effective marketing messages. 

Newsletter is a known form of email marketing. It can cover updates about your business, product announcements, or anything related to your offerings that will serve useful to your readers. This type of digital marketing is not only cheap but also permission-based, as the receivers of the newsletter will only be the ones who willingly signed up. 

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