Compared to many countries in the west, Australia has handled the coronavirus disease (Covid-19) pandemic really well. Thanks to political leaders heeding the advice of health experts, infection numbers in the country are down and many businesses are now open.

After weeks of lockdown, consumers are excited to stretch their legs while many businesses are eagerly restarting again. However, despite reopening the pandemic is still underway. Many people are still cautious about going out and prefer to stay at home and only leave for essential trips.

The continuing pandemic has put many companies in a dilemma. How can marketing be tweaked in order to deal with the crisis? Since many businesses are now open again, is it alright to send emails again? If you’re asking yourself these questions, here are some email marketing best practices for your strategy this pandemic.

Stay Visible

Many marketers have stopped their marketing activities in order to cut cost. Since business is slow many of them are holding advertising and marketing campaigns in order to relieve short-term pressure. However, this can have a long-term cost. Cutting off communication with customers can cost awareness, market share and loyalty – all of which are needed in order for businesses to succeed.

So stay visible. Let your customers know that you’re still here by sending them email marketing newsletters or by engaging them on social media.

Monitor Frequency

monitor frequency

The pandemic has proved to be a very stressful time for many people. They have a lot of worries on their minds right now such as job security, health and their families who are far away. This is perfectly understandable since the pandemic has made the future even more uncertain. This is why you need to determine how often to send your prospects emails.

You can do this by monitoring their click-through rate. How often do they click open emails you send them? Then you can adjust accordingly. You can also determine this by monitoring their engagement on social media. If you feel that many customers are engaging more frequently then you can increase not only content posting but also marketing emails.


As we said, the pandemic is causing a lot of anxiety due to the uncertainty of the situation. Many people around the world are isolated and might be feeling lonely. This is why you need to change the tone of your email. Try to be comforting and to show sympathy. Remember, everybody is going through a tough time.

Personalize each email you send. Address customers by their first name and don’t be afraid to ask how they’re holding up.

Be Transparent

Because the pandemic is still ongoing, many countries around the world still face quarantine restrictions. As such, many of their workers are still asked to stay at home so many businesses are operating on skeletal forces. This type of arrangement could cause a delay in shipping which is why it is important to tell customers to expect delays in their shipments or orders.

Many logistics company are also asking clients to use alternative modes of payment to limit physical contact. Many of them prefer payment through credit card, automatic cash transfers, online payment and other methods. Make sure that you can accommodate different types of payments to make it easier for clients to pay. The more options they have, the more inclined the will be to order.

If there are changes in delivery, mode of payment you should always take time to communicate this with your clients and customers.

Make Use Of The Downtime

The business slow down can be a good opportunity for you to get to know your clients better. Make use of this downtime by:

customer comments
  • Surveying customers. Since they have a lot of time on their hands they will probably be more inclined to take surveys from you. You can ask them for their feedback, rate your service or ask them about their experience. This kind of information is valuable because it allows you to adjust and grow as a business.
  • Conduct A/B tests. Testing takes a lot of time so this is a good opportunity to email tests to increase conversion and sales.
  • Implement new email tools. Explore new tools that can streamline your email marketing efforts.
  • Clean up and update your email list. Having accurate data is important for the success of your email marketing campaign so use the downtime to purge your list of inactive subscribers.

Bottom Line

The Covid-19 Pandemic might be slowing down in Australia and New Zealand but it is still raging in the west, particularly in the United States and South America. However, the pandemic will ease and businesses around the world will start racing to recoup lost revenue. Following our tips can help you get a head start so that you can hit the ground running and bounce back faster.

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