Do you want to know what content works best with TikTok ads? Need new, effective strategies that have been tested?

You’re in the right place because in this blog, we’re talking about how to create TikTok creatives that deliver results.

Using TikTok in Your Social Advertising Strategy

Different social networks are useful for various purposes. For long-term sales and audience building on Facebook, you can set campaigns and forget about them. You can experiment with various content on Instagram and engage with your followers.

TikTok ads are about speed and scale.

  • You can quickly reach a large audience with TikTok ads.
  • Comparable to other social networks, they offer cheaper and higher click-through rates.
  • As people learn about your brand on TikTok and then search for more information, your brand’s visibility and search traffic increase.
  • TikTok’s brand recognition may even increase Facebook and Google ad conversion rates.

But there are a few restrictions. Paid content on TikTok is only active for a maximum of two weeks. Following that, viewers become disinterested and the algorithm lowers its rating. TikTok also demands that content have a distinct look and feel. You cannot simply upload successful TikTok advertisements from Twitter or Instagram.

The big picture: TikTok advertisements are incredibly successful, but they should be used as a part of a mixed social strategy, with long-term support from advertisements on other social networks.

They differ from ads on other social networks in their layout, style, and duration. Before you begin developing TikTok advertising campaigns, consider the following.

Types of Tiktok Ads

On TikTok, there are two ways to make advertisements.

  • Use Spark ads to increase the reach of a successful organic post. The post may originate from your profile or that of another person (such as an influencer). All you require is the post’s spark ad ID code.
  • Upload content created specifically for ads using the Ads Manager. To do this, all you need is a business account; no active TikTok profile is required. If you don’t want to use the videos as spark ads, you can also re-upload them from your organic posts.

For now, our main priority will be producing content for the Ads Manager. The two approaches, however, are not that different. As we’ll see, the secret to successful TikTok advertising is to make it appear as natural as possible.

Live Streaming

How Long Do TikTok Ads Stay Effective?

Due to their brief shelf life, TikTok ads are practically unique.

That may or may not be a good thing. Because of their enormous reach and low prices, they more than make up for it. During that brief window of time, you’ll see a significant return on your advertising investment (ROAS).

But it is unquestionably brief. Ad content has a two-week shelf life. Even if your advertisement is extremely effective, the TikTok algorithm will eventually lower it. Your cost per metric will increase, and your ROAS will decrease.

This means that you’ll need to release fresh TikTok ad content every week. During that week, you’ll get the best ROAS; after that, switch to something else.

Types of TikTok Ad Creatives

What goes in a TikTok advertisment?

There is only one permanent rule: don’t make it look like an advertisment.

TikTok has a very strong community, which contributes to its popularity. Authentic, entertaining, and educational content thrives because of the community. According to studies, people who use TikTok to search for information tend to trust the app more than they do Google.

You must use creative that appears natural and TikTok-native in order to capitalize on that trust and enthusiasm and use TikTok for business. Here are the best examples.

Founder’s Origin Story Creative

Tell your best story—the origin of your brand—on TikTok because it loves stories.

What distinguishes you? How did you introduce your latest venture or product? What obstacles did you overcome?

Use jump cuts every 3-5 seconds and limit the length of the story to about one minute to keep viewers interested. Using images and video clips from your company, you can illustrate the story you are telling in the voiceover and captions. Re-enactments are acceptable if you don’t have any video from when you first opened your business.

Don’t forget to include a call to action at the conclusion that is pertinent to the narrative. Expressions like “be a part of our story” and “if you want to support us…” are very powerful.

For organic posts, this format works particularly well for eCommerce companies. Once the post has gained some popularity, you can re-upload the video to the TikTok Ads Manager or boost it as a spark ad.

The Let’s Compare Creative

The goal of this ad format is to stand out from the crowd. Due to TikTok’s love of split screens and comparisons, it receives high levels of organic engagement and can increase sales.

Limit the length of the video to 30 to 60 seconds. During that time, you will contrast your product with a rival’s by highlighting particular features. Pay attention to elements like cost, ingredients, environmental standing, and special features. Every point ought to last around three seconds.

Where possible, provide examples of the product in use to illustrate each point. For instance, you might open the product, smear some of it to show the color, and show how it appears after 12 hours of wear for a makeup comparison video. Make it hands-on and interactive!

Because using this video format to name your competition could have legal repercussions, some marketers are wary of doing so. To ensure that your video complies with the guidelines, it is always a good idea to review TikTok’s terms of service. Covering the label of your comparison product and referring to it generally is a straightforward way to allay concerns. You are not required to name-drop your rivals if you don’t want to.

The Interview Creative

This TikTok ad creative format is excellent for B2B, tech, and app companies. Making a strong case for your company in a brief video can be challenging. You can quickly cover a lot of important topics in an interview setting.

The interview should be around 60 seconds. That might seem brief, but keep in mind that TikTok videos tend to be short. Say hello, introduce yourself, and refrain from asking pointless questions. Get to the point quickly; you can add more details if you have time.

The interview questions can be used to discuss product features, offer advice, address frequently asked questions, and address common objections. Additionally, you can edit longer interviews, like podcasts.

You’ll need to switch between angles frequently, just like in a founder’s story video, to keep viewers interested. You could alternately cut between the interviewer’s and the interviewee’s faces, for instance. By switching between various camera angles, you can even conduct an interview with yourself!

People watch interview-style videos repeatedly because they want to review the details and get their questions answered. The TikTok algorithm will be happy to hear that. Start and end the video on the same shot to ensure a perfect loop if you want to enhance this effect even more. Without them even realizing it, people will begin to rewatch!

The Reaction Creative

Reaction videos are common on the platform. People immediately get hooked and interested

They can be utilized in your advertisements in a variety of ways, including:

  • Show how customers are interacting with a product in various circumstances. By filming in various locations, you can keep viewers’ interest while giving them a general idea of the brand and product.
  • Reactions can be combined with other video formats. For instance, you might record a brief interview clip in which one person responds to the other’s remarks.
  • Ask strangers or bystanders questions. The video will be riveting due to their emotional response. You could, for instance, ask passersby if they’re having a good or bad hair day if you sell hair products!
  • Display your response to the introduction or delivery of a new product. Tell your audience how excited you are.

Final Thoughts

You need to have organic and non-promotional type videos if you want to gain the trust and enthusiasm of TikTok users. Always remember to keep the videos short. Videos can be as long as 3 minutes, but it’s better to upload shorter ones. Good camera lighting can do wonders to how your video looks. Videos and products don’t need to be professionally produced or airbrushed. Focus on looking authentic instead.

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