cloud services

cloud computing
Cloud computing has been around for a while and many industries – especially those in the information and technology sector – are enjoying the benefits of using this technology. Business owners however are balking at this method of computing and storage. This is probably because the idea of using a third party to store data...
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cloud storage
Many businessmen originally thought that cloud storage was for personal use and therefore did not pay the technology any attention. However, cloud technology soon became “personal technology” adapted for business purposes. Today cloud storage provides valuable solutions for businesses of all sizes. Cloud storage, security and software are taking over technology but transition usually starts...
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data in the cloud personal data trend of the future
What is managed cloud services option and why are businesses shifting towards it? Organizations and industries today run on information and running that information is of prime importance to many of them. Keeping data on-site is prone to security threats, expensive downtime and data loss. Luckily, most of these problems can be avoided and managed...
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