Cloud and Security

cloud computing healthcare
The healthcare industry has been gradually embracing digital transformation, including more and more technological advancements for improved medical services and more dependable findings. Utilizing technology in the healthcare sector aims to reduce healthcare costs and access issues. The surge in supply and demand for software solutions has pushed cutting-edge technology to work with the medical...
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website security
As more and more people use the internet, privacy and security are becoming major issues. VPN or virtual private network can come as a handy tool if you want to hide your internet footprints. There are still many people who are unsure about VPN especially because there are so many myths surrounding it. The most...
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data in the cloud personal data trend of the future
What is managed cloud services option and why are businesses shifting towards it? Organizations and industries today run on information and running that information is of prime importance to many of them. Keeping data on-site is prone to security threats, expensive downtime and data loss. Luckily, most of these problems can be avoided and managed...
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