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According to PIAA statistics, more than 62% of Australian households have pets, with 38% owning dogs and 29% having cats. With coronavirus disease (Covid-19) cases still rising in the country and worldwide, many people are being urged to work from home in a bid to slow down the spread of infection. Pets, especially dogs are...
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work at home
As the Covid-19 Pandemic rages across the world, more and more governments including Australia are imposing work-from-home and lockdown measures in order to curb the spread of the disease. Work-from-home or WFH is a good option for companies and businesses and their employees because it allows continuation of the business. Implementing this kind of feature...
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Health and Well-Being Website
Designing a Health and Well-Being Website: 5 Things to Consider Anyone who is remotely involved in website design knows how much planning goes into building a website.  There are a number of factors that influence websites, and all of them must be considered.  The primary criterion web designers should use to judge their site by,...
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