Customer Service

How CRM Improves Customer Experience

A CRM or Customer Resource Management is a type of software that stores information about your customer and their interaction with your business. It has become a valuable tool for many businesses because it helps to enhance customer experience and internal functions. If used correctly, CRM can improve productivity in employees and improve customer experience....
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Effective Website Research with Simple Online Surveys

Effective Website Research with Simple Online Surveys Simple online surveys help you to extract valuable information from your customers, allowing you to create better products and provide them with quality customer service. Using online surveys you can start collecting valuable data from the customers within a few hours after sending out the surveys. Of course...
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Excellent Customer Service and Customer Satisfaction

Putting Things Right for your Customers. Things can go wrong in every service transaction. So managing complaints and putting things right for your customers as quickly as possible and with minimum of fuss are important elements of good customer care. What this means is to resolve complaints effectively to the satisfaction of your customer and...
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