Businesses know that they are nothing without their customers. This is why they spend a lot of money capturing and attracting customers.

However, attracting a customer is not that easy. The internet is full of competition so the success of ecommerce companies depends on how well they interact with their customers. Many online stores strive to reach out to their customers. This is exactly why you need a customer relationship management (CRM) to help with business.

Best CRM Solutions For Online Businesses

If you’re looking for a good CRM solution, we have some suggestions for you.


Salesforce is perhaps one of the world’s largest CRM provider with a market share of around 20%. Salesforce has an efficient out of the box CRM called SalesforceIQ which is tailored for small- and medium-sized businesses.

Once your business grows and you need more features, you can easily upgrade to Salesforce’s Sales Cloud CRM with Einstein artificial intelligence. Einstein can analyze all the data in your CRM and provide sales representatives with extra opportunities, such as predictive intelligence.



Build strong customer relationships with Zoho . enjoy sales forecasting, mass emailing, reports, and other important features all for an affordable monthly fee. It also supports convenient deployement options like cloud and mobile.

Enjoy the benefits of Zoho’s Zoho’s cutting-edge Zia artificial intelligence. Zia uses cutting edge algorithm that can help boost your business.


Act! is a good choice for small businesses and individuals looking to boost their customer relations. It contains all your important customer data and allows you to group customers, launch targeted email campaigns and more.

No data or internet? No problem, you can still use Act! and the app will automatically synch recent changes as soon as you’re online again.


The best thing about HubSpot CRM ecommerce software is that it’s free for individual sales representatives. It is also an easy way to way to keep all your customers in a single easy-to-access database.

Hubspot allows users to turn repetitive emails into customizeable templates. It shows you which templates work and which ones don’t so that you can target customers more efficiently.



Another popular CRM is SAP with over 10% market share. It has a lot to offer any business, from small online retailers to large enterprises. Their SAP Hybris Cloud for Sales is a helpful CRM that allows small business to better understand their customers. This CRM features advanced reports and dashboards that provide ecommerce businesses with plenty of information and predictive analytics.

Its best feature is their sophisticated customer intelligence: you can scan business cards via your mobile device and the CRM will add a new lead to your customer database.

Wrap up

CRM solutions can make reaching out to customers easier and more efficient. It also helps to keep customers informed and engaged. Finding the right CRM might not be easy but our suggestions above will help you get started.

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