A CRM or Customer Resource Management is a type of software that stores information about your customer and their interaction with your business. It has become a valuable tool for many businesses because it helps to enhance customer experience and internal functions. If used correctly, CRM can improve productivity in employees and improve customer experience.

How? Check this out.

Painless Onboarding

One of the reasons why customers are intimidated by a new product is because learning about it can take time. The onboarding process is also time-consuming and confusing. However, having a CRM can make the process painless and self-serving.

E-commerce stores for example have long onboarding process especially during checkout which can lead to shopping cart abandonment. Instead of having a very long process you can shorten it by only asking for the bare minimum information during checkout and then following-up later on to remind them to complete their profile.

Another alternative is to break down the onboarding process so that only a few fields need to be filled up each step. This will prevent new users from logging out when they see how much info they need to provide in one go.

Once data is saved by the CRM it will remember customers so that they will have a better experience every time they visit your store or blog.

Personalized Customer Communications

We at Creativ Digital know how important it is to personalize communication with customers and clients. According to studies, lack of personalization can cost a business.

Kharkov region
Kharkov region

However, when you have a CRM it can pull out a customer’s contact info and determine immediately if they have a good or bad experience with your business which can prevent customer turnover. On the flip side, CRM can also keep track of the number of times a customer has purchased from you and reward them for their loyalty.

These types of content can be added to personalized emails to customers so that you can offer rewards or discount coupons not only to reward loyal customers but to entice others to buy from you.

Strengthen Customer Relations

Good customer relations mean that there is trust between customer and the business. CRM can help build this trust by storing customer information which can be referenced or used later. Customers interact with businesses more than once so tracking their movements can be used for future analysis.

For example, a customer is asking for help regarding your product or service with your support team. A CRM can help track down interactions and keep track of data that can be used to find a solution. Having data stored and organized properly makes it easier for your support team to find answers more quickly and provide help more efficiently. These actions can greatly improve customer trust and strengthen relations.

Quick Access To Customer Info

The primary function of a CRM is to store customer information. This includes interactions with support team and other service engagements. When customers reach out to support team they can quickly access communication history to avoid repeating the same responses.

When your team has quick access to customer information and interaction, solving problems and answering questions is faster.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

A CRM can act as a road map to each of your customer’s needs. Because interactions are stored in the software, it can analyse past engagements to determine the best method for approaching a customer.

This is very important especially if you want to retain loyal or high value customers. According to studies, the top 10% of loyal customers spend 3 times more per visit compared to the average customer.  This means businesses are under pressure customer’s needs lest they take their business somewhere.

Having a CRM can make it easier for you to find out what your customer wants and how you can serve them better. Aside from this it can also handle any customer request or changes for better customer satisfaction.

CRM can store data so that you can access important information that can lead to better customer interaction. Having CRM can help you optimize data management to improve customer experience.

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