The biggest WordPress core update is coming this April 2018. It promises to make significant changes to the old system being used right now by WordPress users. Will the update affect your website? Well, not entirely. But it will change the way you interact with the CMS for the better.

The newest editing experience you will encounter with WordPress this year is called Gutenberg. Although not yet available at the moment, it’s important to be prepared for this coming change. How every WordPress user will adapt to this change is entirely dependent on their skills.

Is the update mandatory?

Gutenberg will be incorporated directly into the CMS’ system, which means that there is no way you can avoid the changes. But there is nothing to fret as a plugin developed by a WordPress core developer has your back. The plugin, called Classic Editor, promises to turn off Gutenberg for every WordPress user who doesn’t like the update.

What should you do before the update?

Before updating to WordPress 5.0, back up your entire website. This core update is irreversible, and therefore any incompatibility issues with any of your plugins or your theme are forever. Prepare to talk to your developer so you can identify which of your plugins are most likely to be affected and how your website can adapt to the change.

Once done, you can install Gutenberg on your website so you can get used to it. And if you’re ready, the update will be flawless and beneficial to you.

What’s so good about Gutenberg?

With Gutenberg’s clean interface, you get more screen space that provides a less distracting experience. One of the best features of Gutenberg is the new alignment options for images which is a step forward for large-screen users. With the update, you can now use WordPress on mobile with ease.

New users of the CMS will benefit from this update too because Gutenberg is very user-friendly for beginners. For plugin and theme developers, the ability to create their own custom blocks will provide them with the necessary tools to do such things easily.

With today’s post-lock feature, writers are prevented from overwriting each other. With Gutenberg, multiple writers can now work on the same draft at the same time.

What do you think of Gutenberg? Do you think the pros outweigh the cons of this update? Let us know in the comments.

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