The biggest WordPress core update is coming this April 2018. It promises to make significant changes to the old system being used right now by WordPress users. Will the update affect your website? Well, not entirely. But it will change the way you interact with the CMS for the better. The newest editing experience you...
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user experience
You probably know from experience that these days everyone is searching for goods and services online. Chances are the last time you needed a plumber, wanted to book a table at a local restaurant or looked up cinema times you jumped on Google to get the info you needed. With the internet making up such...
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Google EMD
Do You Really Want to Spend Your Days Fearing of #google‘s #algorithm Updates? Last  September Google has rolled out the infamous “EMD update”.  Some have seen the change right away, others have read it on major #seo blogs first; that tweet from Matt Cutts seemed to be the most cited one lately. And just when...
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What's Included in My Design
What’s Included in My Design? When looking for a good web designer (or any other professional service really), the price is important for your bottom line but should not be the key criteria in your selection process.  Cheapest is sometimes just cheap, while the pricey options are not always good value – so how can...
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