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The coronavirus disease (Covid-19) pandemic has wreaked havoc on businesses globally. This has led to massive business shutdowns and a shift towards remote working and more dependence on technology. However, the tech industry has also been hit hard by the pandemic. According to resources, Apple has reportedly suffered a 10% fall in its shares. The...
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One of the factors that separate a good coder from a bad coder is the ability to write clean code. Clean code means that it is readable, maintainable, supported through thorough documentation and scalable. Let’s delve a bit more into this topic. Readability A readable code is just that – readable. This means that a...
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Health and fitness are not really something coders and programmers talk about. Most of the time, programmers tend to stick to the usually “work” topics when they’re out with their fellows. However, it is important to note that keeping our bodies and mind in check should be part of the strategy of being productive. As...
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Anybody who works with WordPress should have a set of functional WordPress plugins for developers on standby. This is a matter of professional preference of course, but there are plugins that are simply must-haves. Check out our top 5 free WordPress plugins that can help improve your development process. Developer Developer is meant for developers...
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The objective of this article is to assess which ten things are deemed as the most important factors by the top web developers when it comes to making web applications using PHP. As we know, technology is changing day by day, and it is crucial for the developers to stay competitive to succeed in the...
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