Best Joomla Blog Extensions

Did you know that Joomla is WordPress’ biggest rival in terms of blogging? While it’s not easy to create a blog using Joomla due to some limitations such as not being able to set up an author box or social sharing, there are still those love to use this CMS because their blog extensions. Joomla...
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content concept

Content Distribution Fails You Need To Avoid

Who would want to fail at content distribution? No one would. However, according to research conducted by Ian Cleary of Outreach Plus, 90% of content marketers have distribution problems. For many marketers, the stark reality is that content distribution can make or break your content marketing success. Without a good distribution plan, your investment in...
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.NET eCommerce Platforms Comparison —  Kentico vs Sitefinity, Sitecore, and Umbraco

Different Content Management Systems provide different functionalities, one better than the other. However, there is not one single CMS that has it all, some are better off used by mid-sized firms while some are great for high-volume eCommerce businesses. There are several Microsoft systems that can be used to create eCommerce platforms —  Kentico, Sitefinity,...
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Comparison of ASP.NET CMS and Its Web Development Cost

Websites can be built using different platforms. Different platforms mean different features and varying costs. In this article, we will help you get your hard-earned money’s worth and help you choose the best platform for your website. While we can’t give you a perfect pricing guide, we will give you an idea of the size...
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Gutenberg and WordPress: All You Need to Know

The biggest WordPress core update is coming this April 2018. It promises to make significant changes to the old system being used right now by WordPress users. Will the update affect your website? Well, not entirely. But it will change the way you interact with the CMS for the better. The newest editing experience you...
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The Best of Joomla

The Best of Joomla Joomla is a topnotch open source platform that uses Content Management System or CMS that helps build websites with impressive online apps. Tr Joomla! It’s for free!     Joomla is an open source CMS that gives power to more than 3% of the whole web. Many have chosen Joomla for...
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Content Management System

Content Management System: Its Benefits and Methods

What is content management system (CMS)?   Content Management System or CMS went through some changes in the recent years. It does not only publish content but manage your work flow. The system keeps the data and information and organizes them so that they can easily be recovered, modified, searched, and shared. Its component is...
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CMS on Mobile: Enter Drupal 8

CMS on Mobile: Enter Drupal 8 At last the new Drupal 8 is joining the stream and in hot pursuit for the mobile realm.  More importantly it targets CMS on mobile.
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What makes Drupal a SEO powerhouse

What Makes Drupal a SEO Powerhouse? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in most cases is the way you ensure that your web site meet the standards and quality, which the most popular search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing use to classify the rank and the position which your web site will receive in the search...
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What’s involved in Secure WordPress Hosting for eCommerce?

What’s involved in Secure WordPress Hosting for eCommerce? If you run an eCommerce business, WordPress is one of your best options for a content management system (CMS). Using any of the variety of plug-ins available on the market, a site owner or administrator can set WordPress up as a complete CMS solution for an eCommerce...
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content management system

How to Choose the Right CMS for Your Next Project

How to Choose the Right #cms for Your Next Project Introduction You have content for several pages of a #website or an internal intranet. Input at regular intervals is required from several staff members and, even an outside contractor or two. What to do? A #content management system is tailor-made to address the issue. Choosing...
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5 Must Have CMS Features for a Dynamic Performance

5 Must Have #cms features for a Dynamic Performance #content management Systems are dynamic platforms widely used today to serve the backend of many websites. Due to the prolific CMS platforms available, one begins to wonder which among the many is best suited to one’s own website requirements. At this point, it becomes a struggle...
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Why CMS Tops Website Maintenance Solution

Why CMS Tops Website Maintenance Solution Content Management System (CMS) has been since the top website maintenance solution for many established blogsites over the internet. From the website’s inception to the very first run on the web, there is great excitement and thrill as hopes are soaring high and expectation of tomorrow’s success is shining...
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WordPress Development: Embrace it Now

WordPress Development: Embrace it Now

WordPress Development: Embrace it Now WordPress Development on the Rise WordPress is the elephant in the development room. While many have embraced it as a fully-fledged content management system, others still thumb their nose at it. I was talking to a developer a little over a year ago about WordPress. His first remark was, “oh...
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WordPress Multi-Site: What It Can Do for Your Online Business

WordPress Multi-Site:  What it Can Do for Your Online Business If you are running a huge online blogging business, which by the way the internet is rife at the moment; WordPress has an innovative way to simplify the management of your blog network.  The experts of this blogging CMS cooked up something that actually makes...
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ecommerce product attribute

Ecommerce Product Attributes, Which CMS to Use?

#ecommerce #product attributes, Which #cms to Use? What better ways to give your product online a perfect description than to list a complete set of product attributes.  Two very important complementary elements often missed by many online merchants when showcasing their product to online shoppers and ultimately loosing potential sales are: a)    A clear, precise,...
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Building a Membership Site with Wordpress

Building a Membership Site with WordPress

Building a Membership Site with #wordpress WordPress is a platform that has increased in popularity among businesses that aims to launch a membership site. One reason is that as a blogging platform, WordPress will not restrict businesses with frequently updated content to categorize it in a certain manner. Furthermore, a membership plan can bring in a...
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umbraco .net cms for enterprise web design

Umbraco .NET CMS For Enterprise Web Design

#umbraco .net cms for enterprise web design Umbraco .Net CMS for enterprise web design is the emerging force among many open source Content Management System platforms.  Coded in C#, this CMS is created on Microsoft .NET framework with its open source license released by MIT open source license, but the user interface is under the...
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cms web design

CMS Web Design: Learning the Factors that Matter in CMS Selection

CMS Web Design: Learning the Factors that Matter in CMS Selection In the last few years CMS web development has emerged as the popular choice among a majority of web development professionals. There are several reasons for it. These open source apps are easy to use, reduce web development time and offer plenty of customization...
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