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Launching a blog nowadays is easy, but driving traffic to your site can be difficult.

Here are some tried and tested strategies that we’ve used for clients. Even marketing experts can learn how to drive traffic with WordPress websites with the help of this article.

Use Powerful Headlines

To optimize your blog articles and make them even more enticing to readers, you should use a strong headline.

Your article titles are translated into page titles to feed the topic of your post to search engines.

Build An Email List

Offer your visitors a newsletter signup form to create a relationship with them and keep them updated on your blog’s content. They can receive an incentive, like a free file or membership, in exchange for signing up.

You can generate traffic to your blog by building an email list. This will give the author access to the inboxes of their visitors, so that when they publish new content they can share it with these potential readers.

Use Giveaways and Contests

Giving away free products incentivizes your blog followers to subscribe and help share. People can sign up for giveaways by subscribing, commenting on posts, and following you on social media.

If you want to increase traffic to your blog, think about the actions of your visitors that would lead them to more viewing and provide them with one or more entries for those actions.

Optimize For Keywords

Optimizing your content for keywords can help you rank higher than your opposition. You need to find words and sentences that the audience is typing in search engines. Good keywords can be found through keyword research.

Use tools that will help you find the right keywords that people are interested in, rather than guessing them.

You can improve your article ranking by leveraging keywords that have the most traffic but less competition.

Optimize Your WordPress Site Speed


Load time is a ranking factor. Google assumes that fast sites are high-quality sites.

The best hosting providers include optimization features. Without a high volume cap, your site will receive many visitors without hosting support, causing it to crash.

WordPress websites can be slow due to images, so you want to optimize these images. You can use an optimization plugin like Smush, Imagify, or Optimus for WordPress.

Speed up your website by caching the data locally.

Use Social Media as a Form of Marketing

Try posting on some of the top websites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Also post more than once a day on these social media platforms–share your blog posts as well.

You should share your blog posts on social media to make it easier for your readers. Placing sharing buttons will also increase the possibility of your post going viral.

Internal Linking Strategy

When your blog posts are related, they will be more interesting to your readers. Your visitors and the potential that they will share your content is increased.

Become A Guest Blogger

Guest blogging accelerates your website’s growth by tapping into the herd effect. Guest bloggers create content and the blog owner publishes it in exchange for a link back to them.

With guest blogging, you can expand your work portfolio and build your online reputation.

Consider Paying For Traffic

Make sure to use different ad platforms like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Microsoft Advertising so that you can find the best way to bring traffic to your blog. Make sure that you know who your audience is and which criteria will be most suitable for them.

To optimize your ads, we recommend setting a weekly budget and tracking its performance.

After a week of advertising, if the traffic is satisfactory, you can use the same analytics. If the traffic is not as desired, try different marketing tactics strategies.


Bottom Line

With good traffic on your WordPress blog, you can make more of a name for it in the community and bring more traffic to it. Search engine rankings improve with better user engagement, which leads to higher revenue.

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