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Maximise your IT capabilities with the power of cloud computing.

Cloud Technology Services in Sydney

Businesses of every size and in every industry are embracing cloud technology to become more agile and innovative. Once you decide to invest in cloud solutions, your business is positioned to run smarter and more efficiently. Regardless of the size of your business, the future is in the cloud.

Cloud Computing is truly transformational

From enhancing employee productivity to reducing IT costs and connecting remote workers. The cloud itself is a highly secure physical location – a data center – located off-site from your premises and home to numerous, networked servers. The cloud’s digitally-enabled processes are increasingly necessary. Cloud computing could solve a wide range of challenges and be the solution you’ve been looking for in your business. Users simply open their favorite web browser, login to their desired app, customize it (if necessary), and get to work. 

Whether you’re considering a migration to the cloud, or already using cloud platforms, our deep and rich expertise in handling cloud workloads using a multi-cloud approach, particularly in DevOps, cloud and enterprise security, internet of things (IOT), and serverless computing, will help you build sustained capabilities to rapidly realize outcomes. Our expertise in various types of cloud computing models is the pillar of our market-leading cloud computing services. We are focused on building and scaling new solutions to advance your IT capabilities towards long-term growth.

Benefits of Cloud Computing

To remain competitive and drive growth, you have to stay ahead of the technology curve. Cloud and data center platforms offer so many possibilities for growth and innovation. Studies done by leading IT companies such as IBM have found that businesses that deploy cloud computing gain a competitive advantage.

If you’re struggling with local skilled IT personnel, poor IT management and operational insufficiencies, cloud computing will enable your business to get IT services without being concerned with the details of how it is done. Cloud solutions are not just about digitising or transforming processes. A well managed cloud-based platform can also replace your IT’s obsolete practices with a highly secure solution.

We can help simplify IT so that you can stay focused on the most crucial parts of your business. We’ll help you intelligently provide services, run workloads, and capitalize on public cloud resources. You’ll benefit from streamlined operations, cost reductions, scalability, business agility, and enhanced productivity. Never run out of space and only pay for what you need since providers are going to be the ones who maintain the equipment and remote servers are going to share the workload. Cloud computing will help propel your business to increased, sustainable growth. 

Our Services

We’re with you every step of the way. Whatever your cloud IT needs, we can provide solutions that mitigate risk and deliver business results. Our cloud services span from readiness assessments to platform alignment and cloud consulting, which are based on proven methodologies and industry best practices.

Cloud Management and Optimisation

Creativ Digital’s cloud managed services is a powerful and resilient cloud environment with built-in security and disaster recovery to handle crucial workloads and safeguard your data and applications. We’re here to help simplify cloud computing management and ensure you can get the most out of any cloud computing platforms. Our team of experts will ensure you can seamlessly deploy and scale your cloud services. We will ensure continuous monitoring of your cloud infrastructure and will instantly notify warnings, if necessary. Our cloud service is an economical choice due so you only pay for the services you use, rather than spending big fees to buy and install expensive in-house servers. Not only that but as your cloud services need to be modified over time, we’ll help you scale accordingly.

Cloud Migration

We understand that your business needs to respond to a rapidly changing technological environment and thus, it can’t afford to slow down. With our responsive cloud solution, we’ll help you achieve a smooth transition with minimal downtime. We can help in the entire process of moving the cloud from strategy and assessment, building your business case, choosing and establishing the right platform and solution options. When you partner with Creativ Digital, you will have an expert ally to help your migration initiatives have a tangible business impact while moving to the cloud.

Strategy and Assessment

We develop a clear strategy to provide a solid foundation for both enterprise users and external partners to leverage. This will enable your business to build better analytics and make more informed decisions that are critical to its success. We assess your current IT state – application interdependencies, security needs and goals – for scalability and future growth.

Why Choose us?

Full-scale Offerings

We provide offerings for any cloud (private or public), any provider (Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services,Microsoft Azure, etc) and many more. We work with leading cloud service providers but will only recommend the ones that are right for you. We will create reliable solutions and ensure that our cloud infrastructure services can cope with the highs and lows of user demand.

Accelerated Approach

 An accelerated approach to scaling and adapting is a high added value.  We have the expertise, in-house built accelerators, training, industry partnerships and proven strategies. 

We always aim to deliver our services using fast-track methodologies. When you choose us, we will partner with you to efficiently maintain migration momentum and use agile techniques with not business disruptions. 

Technology Leadership

Our cloud computing capabilities can help drive your business’ IT modernization that responds to market trends and user needs. We will guide you at every point, from building your cloud strategy and migration roadmap to moving your data and applications to the cloud. We will build a tailored cloud solution that balances priorities, opportunities, costs, speed and risks.

On-demand Cloud Experts

Creativ Digital has been through small and large-scale, enterprise cloud management initiatives. Be it cloud migration, cloud management, cloud applications development, cloud architecture design, our cloud experts would deal it effortlessly for your business. Our extensive experience in cloud resources and process can drive innovation and improve your customer experiences.

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