Investment in UX provides a faster, more qualitative product. Businesses can get up to 100 dollars for every $1 they invest in UX design.

UX has been around since the 80s and touches on everything that can impact a user’s impression of the company. The term has taken on many variations, but it is most commonly used to describe aspects of the customer experience such as how easy it is for someone to describe the product, purchasing processes, and customer service experiences.

UX design involves a number of different departments including marketing, graphics and industrial design.

5 Ways UX Design Can Help Businesses

A solid UX design can boost conversion rates by up to 400%. It’s more than just user satisfaction and an understanding of your brand, it can help you catapult your business forward with increased sales.

Saves Time and Makes Money

Working with a UX designer can help organizations work more efficiently and increase earnings. 50% of the time developers spend on a project is spent reworking something, which causes timelines to stretch out and costs to expand.

Successful understanding of customer needs is crucial, because it greatly reduces the chance of mistakes in design and makes sure the UX is well-received by customers. It also helps yields high returns for minimum spent.

Keeps You Ahead of the Game

The customer of today expects great experiences. Companies that are not up to this standard risk lower sales, poor bottom line and increased churn rates. The expectations of customers have been raised by the technology giants like Apple and Facebook who provide world-class user experience.

The use of UX will enable businesses to know what their customers need and want to ensure that their experience is as good as possible. As an example, Time.com found that infinite scrolling could help them reduce their bounce rate by 15 percentage points. Adopting this change can keep them ahead of the pack and boost reader satisfaction.


Discover New Opportunities

When you listen to your users, they give you new ideas for products and ways to increase revenues by improving the customer experience.

ESPN.com’s revenues jumped to 35% after they listened to their visitors and designers and incorporated suggestions into their homepage redesigns.

Influences Customer Behavior

Customers make judgments of a website’s credibility based on the aesthetics. How a website looks can influence them to stay, go or even buy. A site’s UI can has a dramatic effect on customers after all, 75% of customers use a website’s looks to judge its credibility.

UX helped Bing discover that different shades of blue had effects on customers. A specific shade of blue for Bing led to an additional $80 million in annual revenue.

UX Design Makes The Complex Simple

Systems today are too complicated. Take our phones for example. If a commercial advertises phones based on all the backend technology and specs that make them up, most users will be scared of these complicated devices.

Newer technologies can help you take better pictures and confidently use your phone in various situations, but marketing often focuses on the lifestyle of the people who buy phones.

Wrap Up

As you can see, no matter what kind of business you run it will always benefit from UX design. Investing in UX design means that you are investing in your customer’s needs which impact their experience on your website. It will keep them loyal to your product or brand thereby increasing leads and conversions.

Don’t forget, satisfaction equals revenue!

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