A website audit is an examination of a website’s page performance before a large scale SEO project or website redesign. Auditing your website will tell you whether you are achieving traffic goals and if not, find solutions to help increase its performance.

5 Benefits Of A Website Audit

If you’ve never audited your website before or if you’re thinking whether or not to audit your website, we have below a list of reasons why you should audit your website.

Website Performance Optimization

A website audit does not only audit a website for its content but also for its technical performance.

This will give you a chance to inspect the robustness of your site’s technical framework, infrastructure and assess how friendly your site is to search engines. You can also determine how easy your site is to navigate and find content on your website.


You can also determine any missed SEO opportunities and remedy poor or improperly executed SEO strategies throughout the content of your site.

An audit will also help you refocus SEO efforts on users first and search engines second. This will prevent you from constantly chasing changes to SEO algorithms. This means you won’t be applying misguided practices just to show up on SERPs.

Improve Visibility In Search Results

A website audit can find errors in your meta data which could be keeping search engines from indexing your content and ranking dominantly in search engine results. Corrections could help search engines find content in your HTML and rank better in SERPs.

Discover Successful Strategies

There are keyword research and SERP analysis tools to analyse your website’s keywords and rank them against your competitors for popularity. Understanding how your competitors attract audiences can help you formulize similar strategies that are relevant to your business.

Conversion Rate Optimization

A website audit will also help you revaluate the effectiveness of your site when it comes to lead generation and conversion. This will help you spot missed opportunities to convert visitors into leads so you can add relevant CTAs as well as identity deficiencies in your landing page so you can find solutions to boost conversions.

What To Expect After An Audit?

After a website audit is conducted, businesses usually receive a report that includes discrepancies discovered. It should also include the most effective solutions on how to correct them. Regular website audits can keep your business agile and aligned with Google’s best practices.

Website audits are also an essential measure that can help improve your website’s efficiency and visibility. It will also help improve web traffic and search rankings while boosting traffic and performance. It presents business with the opportunity to grow online.

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