Social media has become a great tool for business to reach out and interact with their customers. Engaging customers and communicating with them is important because it does not only improve brand awareness but also boosts customer satisfaction.

Social Media Tools Your Business Really Needs

If you’re a business that’s looking for ways to manage your social accounts better you’re in the right page because we have social medial tool suggestions that you really need for efficiency and better workflow.

Buffer App

Buffer is a very popular scheduling app. Using this tool makes it easier to share on social media because it automatically schedules submissions to sites like Twitter, LinkedIn, Goolge + and Facebook. Buffer works by staggering content throughout the day so you don’t have to worry when to post or how frequently you need to post it.

Buffer can also give you analytics for each post so that you can quickly see which ideas are working and those that aren’t.

You can choose between a paid and free plan for Buffer. In the free version you only have 1 account per social network and you’re restricted to 10 posts at a time.


Crowdfire is a one-minute marketing tool.  Just tell the app what you want to be known for, connect your website, blog and social accounts and it will analyse all your accounts and monitor them in real time so you can get a clear picture of who you are. It will then determine how you can grow your social media presence.

Once you know who you are, the app will walk you through daily tasks that can help you meet your goals which can include increasing traffic, sales, clicks, etc.

Crowdfire can:

  • Find content it thinks your target market is interested in.
  • Help you post regularly on all platforms at the optimal time to optimize viewership.
  • Create posts that generate traffic to your e-commerce store.
  • Automatically promote content such as new blogs, updated web pages across multiple platforms.


Coming up with fresh content for multiple platforms can be very hard. This is where DrumUp comes in. it helps you discover and share content on social media to improve workflow. DrumUp claims to cut the time you spend managing social media up to 90%.

The DrumUp dashboard has all your social media accounts so you don’t have to waste time navigating between multiple accounts. Once your accounts are linked you can add favourite feeds and link blogs you like. This allows you to curate updates so that you can share with followers.

They also have Android and iOS apps so that you can “drum up” content using your mobile phone and communicate with followers on the go. It also features built-in analytics to tell you how your posts are doing.


HootSuite allows you to follow all your social media accounts in just 1 dashboard. This is also where you find relevant content and schedule it to post on your accounts.

If you’re not sure what to post, the app shows you real-time analytics so that you can spot developing trends and gain insight to find out how your post is being received by your followers.

Because social media is a 2-way street, HootSuite also provides tools to protect your profile against hackers and external threats to your accounts.


Raven is similar to HootSuite but its best suited for businesses that have a lot of social media accounts. Using the Raven dashboard you can plan and distribute content, review mentions and understand your data. They will also monitor mentions of your brand around the web.

What’s great about Raven is that the dashboard also has other tools like SEO, content management and even PPC management. It’s priced $99 per month but it’s an all-in-one solution that eliminates the need for other tools. Best of all it also allows you to integrate Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Twitter and Facebook thus brining all data in just 1 dashboard.

Social media clearly has a big impact on businesses. If managing all social media accounts become tricky any of these tools can help simplify management so that you can engage customers better.

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