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Social Media Marketing is the single most effective way building ties with your clients.

Polls in 2014 have proofed that 28 % of time spent online is used in social media platforms.

Social Media Marketing Campaign

Social Media Marketing Company

has taken a tectonic shift, and without any doubt, you should have a social media marketing campaign in place to keep pace with the market. SMM is not just an opportunity it is more essential than ever to reach out to clients. Our vision is to help identify and cultivate lasting brand advocates. Social platforms made it possible to interact with clients at a much deeper level than traditional advertising.

Creativ Digital provides its clients with in-depth knowledge in advertising across all social media platforms. Our social media experts will collaborate with you to create persuasive social media pages, and content that adheres with current marketing campaigns, giving your business an advantage over the competition.

Be Engaging Raise Brand Awareness

Here at Creative Digital, we’re specialized in crafting and executing social media network strategies that actively engage and nurture good customer relationships to grow your online community and build brand awareness. Our methodologies are made for spreading the word about your company, products or services and creating returning, loyal customers. Social media marketing builds your reputation while interacting with your website.

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The number of Australians accessing social media, as first thing in the morning (like others their newspaper) has increased this year to 46 percent (45 percent in 2015). At a start of the day and just before bed (41 percent) are the most popular times to check in. – 2016 Sensis SM report

Social Media Marketing Services

Depending on the company or service offered, the demands in social media marketing are as various as the platforms and target markets. While B2B (business to business) will work best on professional networks like LinkedIn, it will be Facebook for others that need more social engagements; some will need visual exposure like Pinterest or Instagram, and some may need Tripadvisor. Besides, for most platforms it makes total sense to think about video marketing, which can be done in YouTube, Vimeo or direct on your website. At Creativ Digital we tailor our offered services to your needs, each social marketing campaign is different and none like the other. We assist you to find the best social media platforms that your target audience visits most (spends the most time) along with the easiest way to interact with them.

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Become visible, don’t lose time waiting for people to come to you broadcasting your brand, is the key to success.

Immediately after we’ve set up your marketing campaign, we provide you with comprehensive and accurate reports so you can see the full impact of the social networking campaign on your sales. You’ll be in a position to notice your audience and referrers grow, along with as a comprehensive increase in interaction across your chosen platforms.

The Tops in Social Media

  • Facebook 14,000,000 users (steady)
  • YouTube 13,800,000 UAVs (unique visitors)
  • 5,700,000
  • Instagram 5,000,000 MAAU monthly active
  • Tumblr 4,400,000
  • LinkedIn 3,600,000
  • Twitter 2,791,300 Active Australian Users
  • Blogspot 2,750,000
  • WhatsApp 2,400,000 Active Austral. Users
  • TripAdvisor 2,150,000
  • Snapchat Tinder Yelp Flickr Pinterest Reddit MySpace
  • Google Plus StumbleUpon Foursquare/Swarm Digg Delicious

Creativ Digital provides its clients with in depth knowledge in advertising across all social media platforms. Our social media experts will collaborate with you to create persuasive social media pages, and content that adheres with current marketing campaigns, giving your business an advantage over the competition.


Is Social Media Marketing Worth It?

Yes, social media marketing is worth it for businesses as it offers a cost-effective way to reach a large audience, build brand awareness, improve customer service, and generate leads. However, it requires a significant investment of time and resources to be successful.

Why Is Social Media Marketing Important for Businesses in Sydney?

Social Media Marketing is crucial for businesses in Sydney because it allows them to reach a large audience and engage with potential customers in a cost-effective way. With over 18 million active social media users in Australia, social media platforms provide a vast potential market for businesses to tap into.

What Does a Social Media Marketing Company Do?

A social media marketing company that specializes in creating and managing social media campaigns for businesses. They develop content strategies, manage social media accounts, and analyze performance to help businesses build their brand, engage with customers, and increase sales on social media platforms.

What Are Some Popular Social Media Platforms for Businesses to Use in Sydney?

Some popular social media platforms for businesses in Sydney include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Each platform has its own strengths and can be used for different types of businesses and marketing strategies.


  • The Harbord Kindergarten Website was created by Scott Donald of Creativ Digital. We were impressed by Scott’s professionalism and easy going attitude to designing our website and our many requests and changes to it. As this was our first foray into website design/setup we were very happy with the outcome. The website is easy to update and maintain which was a major factor in choosing Creativ Digital.

    Harbord Kindergarten

    Karen Sparkes
    Karen Sparkes
    Harbord Kindergarten
  • We approached Scott and Creativ Digital for an e-commerce website project for one of our sister companies. During the process of this project we found Scott to be very resourceful and knowledgeable. Scott was very pleasant and easy to communicate with during and after the completion of the project. Our company was very pleased with Scott’s work and have since used his services for multiple other web projects within our company.
    Year first hired: 2011 (hired more than once)
    Top Qualities: Personable, Good Value, On Time

    Medical eCommerce Website Design

    Martin Nilsson
    Martin Nilsson
    Database Administrator / Web DeveloperMedtel
  • With the short time that I have dealt with Creativ Digital, I have been overwhelmed with the support and effort everyone puts in. Creativ digital are very professional, reliable and are willing to go above and beyond to assist in any way possible. I am very happy with the level of service and what Creativ Digital have done for Eco-Farms, so much that I tell everyone who designed, created and maintains our website. I will and do recommend Creativ Digital to everyone.

    Eco Farms Web Design

    Belinda Whaley
    Belinda Whaley
    Grocery Procurement ManagerEco-Farms Organic Wholesalers
  • Creativ Digital is unsurpassed in their ability to be client focused and deliver outcomes, well beyond the terms of engagement, providing an IT service that demystifies the industry. My experience with Creativ Digital in the design, optimisation and management of my internet presence including website development, search engine optimisation (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) is second to none, and I am look forward to a positive, productive and continuing relationship.

    Dentist Web Design

    Dr Luke Cronin
    Quality Dental
  • Scotty is a great guy, very thoughtful, he listens extremely well, understands problems and offers intelligent creative solutions. He is totally reliable and trustworthy – a pleasure to deal with.

    Nick Fury
    DirectorGot it...Flaunt it!
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